Leo GX needing to heat back up after sleep

Hi I have my Vega G2 and Lego GX.

I have noticed that if I leave the stack turned on all the time (streaming input, roon, nothing playing), every once and while the leo GX disconnects from the Vega G2, the Vega runs normally but the master clock is not engaged, and the sample rate does not change, and the master clock shows disconnected in the Vega menu.

My fix for this is to flip the power on the back of the Leo and when it reboots it reconnects.

To avoid this though, I have started putting the Vega G2 and Leo GX to sleep (long push of the volume knob). I noticed today when I turned the stack back on from sleep that the Leo GX began its count down heat-up timer. I thought when the Leo was asleep it kept the clock heated? Is this not true? Is there a setting that I am missing, or will the Leo need to re-heat every time it is brought out of sleep?

Thanks for your help.

FWIW, I put my VEGA G2/LEO GX to sleep with a remote command, which should be the same as your long press. I don’t get the warmup count down when I wake it up.

No warm up needed from sleep here as well

Yah it’s not doing it on mine as well anymore. Mine was asleep for over a week without use so maybe over a long period of time it stops keeping warm. I’ll experiment more but I’m not seeing it anymore in short sleeps.

Hmm. That’s interesting. I listen every day, so haven’t tested that idea. I guess next time we travel, I’ll remember to see if that happens with mine when we get back.

Glad it seems to be working itself out, though.

Yah, it’s fine if it’s something that happens if it’s been off for 5 days or so.

It seems like it needs to reheat after 8-10 hours of sleep. Last night I was using it, if I put it to sleep for an hour or to no reheat, but this morning I turned it back on and it’s giving me the 60 minute count down again.

Is this normal? @Xuanqian can you comment on this?


That is not normal. I sleep my stack (Aries G2/Vega G2/Leo GX) every night, for minimum 10 hours, up to 2 days at a time. The Leo never powers down from sleep, and only needs a warm-up from a cold start.

I assume there is a power interrupt during that 8-10 hours and the device rebooted automatically.

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