LEO GX discussion and questions


My set-up is different to that which you are building. I have the Roon core installed on a Mac mini. I’m not thinking of getting the Nucleus. Roon connects to the G2 via wi-fi. The only variation I could consider at the moment would be to connect the Mac mini to the G2 via ethernet, however the advice from this forum is that the wi-fi connection produces superior results. As a consequence, I’ve not even tried the ethernet connection.
Good luck with your system. I’m sure that with the quality of components you’re using it will be fabulous.


Hi, Xuanqian

My CD transport also making use of the Vega G2 as a DAC, I wonder if the SQ will also be benefit from ugrade to Leo GX ?

Thank you


Yes, the sound quality upgrade is not relating to input channel, it is replacing DAC’s internal clock so it will work on anything.


I learnt that some atomic clock’s life span only last for a few years, what about Leo’s clock ? Can it be replaced when getting aged ?


The atomic clock has very long lifespan, it has been used on satellite which will be in service for over 20 years. It is indeed replaceable but I would not concern it at all.


Wow… I just got Leo gx. It sounds really good. Better than Vega by itself. This thing is no joke.

He said it makes you say wow. I’m can verify that this is true.

Hifi is frustrating man. Because it’s hard to k ow what to buy. This thing right here though is really really good.


Can I assume there is no user guide online for the LEO GX since there are no user settings to manage?


Yes, since the device do not have any operable menu or button, there is knowledge base for this product. However you can download a PDF version of user’s guide with the following link: