LEO GX discussion and questions


That was my experience but, as I’ve stated, I then doubted and did switching to verify. After all is said and done, yes, wow as you’ve defined it, but I’m not really a “wow” kind of guy.

Xuanqian told me how to switch between V/L and V more quickly by just disconnecting the HDMI (L-Link) cable only without shutting both pieces down. I will do more A/B switching this weekend, now with a much shorter gap between listening samples, but don’t expect to change my opinion. Maybe reinforce it.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating though. This baby ain’t cheap and I’m keeping it! 'Nuf said?

Anyone else have the LEO/VEGA that can comment on impressions?


I have been rocking my Leo for about 2 months now, and I cant say enough good things about it.

Like pstrisik, I was very happy with my Vega G2, having upgraded back last December, after trading in my original Vega and Aries. The Leo had definitely peaked my interest, so I jumped at the change to listen to a demo unit in my own system. From the first moment I heard it (I let it warm up for the recommended 24 hours)…I was floored! What I personally noticed instantly was a soundstage that was wider and deeper, along with an increased focus and clarity. I bought it after just a week of listening.

I too have done A/B testing (I simply unplug the HDMI cable on the Vega) and can really notice a significant difference. Like Xuanqian says, it is instantly noticeable.

I really dont know how I can ever go back to anything less than this setup. Granted it isn’t cheap, but I will put my Auralic digital stack up against any other DAC under 20k. The Vega G2/Leo GX combo is really that good. I also have the upgraded RF cable.

Pure magic, and highly recommended!


“Anyone” is a bold statement. I would say anyone that is a critical listener will have no problem hearing the difference right away. For the casual user that thinks a built-in DAC in an Integrated amp or preamp sounds as good as a DAC like the Vega or similar…not sure the difference would be appreciated…or even heard for that matter.


thanks for the follow up. very useful indeed. I will have to take a listen one day. incidentally, I chose the word “anyone” specifically because this was Xuanqian’s choice phrasing. he had said in earlier post anyone could hear the difference in less than one second. not to stir the pot here…but you are stating that the casual non-trained ear probably could not hear the difference. Xuanqian had said specifically anyone can instantly hear difference. I find this contrast noteworthy.
what I really look forward to (in the absence of my own chance to listen) is a review directly comparing the auralic stack against similar expensive outlay, eg dcs Rossini or such. I have heard the dcs against my bryston dac, and I would say the difference is small but real. probably similar degree of difference to what you heard with the vega vs vega/leo.


“The sound quality difference bringing by LEO GX is at WoW level, which means anyone can hear the difference in just 1 or 2 seconds”
found the exact quote


I hear you, and I know it was Xuanqian’s words.

What I meant was even though my daughter loves music, for example, she is not very sensitive to the reproduction of it, and the equipment associated with it. She would not notice the difference between the Vega G2 on its own vs. the Vega/Leo combo.

People like us, hell ya you can notice it in the first few seconds of playback! ; )


I think you are nitpicking language. How about “anyone (who is listening for it) can hear the diff…”

The casual listener isn’t paying attention, doesn’t care, etc.

I would love to compare to another high end equivalent, though it would need to be in my system and in my room, so not very likely (especially here in Alaska).


fair enough guys. I just felt Xuanqian’s WoW statement striking, is all, especially given that improvements at this tier of hi fi are usually subtle and not as obvious as he states. I will need to find a demo somewhere. im in florida though. no Auralic dealers down here.


Ok, I will add to my remarks in light of your last post…

The difference is striking, particularly for an add on, not a main piece. Might expect this kind of difference with a new DAC or new source. I’ve never experienced this degree of improvement by adding any cable, linear power supply, footers, or other of these types of add-ons, even the ones that others say make remarkable improvement.

I will say that it is still an example of diminishing returns. We have to spend increasing amounts for smaller differences as our systems improve.

At risk of beating the dead horse :), I do think anyone can hear the difference if told to pay attention and particularly if they know something about what to listen for. My wife is a good example. She doesn’t notice changes in the system, but if I ask her to listen and I compare two scenarios, she can hear the difference if attending to it. However, it is still not anyone; what about the deaf? :thinking:



I have to agree with Peter…

The Leo really transforms the Vega G2 in terms of clarity, air, and presentation. Believe me, I would not have spent what I spent on the Leo if I was not blown away by the improvement. As Peter said, the law of diminishing returns hits hard in high end audio…but the addition of the LEO GX takes my digital to the next level…and I can never go back.



Hi Scott (and others),

I’m new on this forum as I have interest in Auralic equipment.

I’m about to upgrade my complete audio system and when searching for a standalone DAC I read several reviews on brands such as Brinkmann (model Nyquist), MSB and PSAudio (model Directstream). The Directstream and Vega G2 are roughly the same price but seem to use different technology, i.e. PSA uses FPGA whereas Auralic uses “off the shelf” ESS chips.

Do you know of A/B comparisons between Auralic’s Vega G2 and PSAudio’s Directstream?

Also, in terms of clocking it seems that PSA have worked out a nice way to minimise jitter. Several videos are available on their site and youtube.

Do you know how PSA’s technology compares to Auralic’s Leo external clock, i.e. in terms of accuracy etc.?

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.


Based in the Netherlands, Europe.


Hi Marcel,

I will let Xuanqian comment on the technical aspects, but I do know that the ESS Sabre chip that Auralic uses in the Vega G2 is NOT off the shelf…it is highly customized by Auralic. Also, the Sabre DAC is run without PLL (Phase Locked Loop), allowing the dual 72 femtosecond clocks, one each for multiples of 44.1khz and 48khz sample rate to manage the Vega’s timing for the Tesla core. Adding in the Leo GX external Master Clock takes it even further. I don’t know much about PSA…so cant comment on their technology.

Listen to both, and let your ears decide for you.


Thanks Scott.

Let us see if Xuanqian responds :wink:

As for hearing it with your own ears, sure that will happen.
Difficulty - at least in my country - is to find a retailer that has all brands that you would like to try …



The DAC inside VEGA G1 and G2 does not have PLL and digital filter function. The DAC works in master mode (it use external reference clock, like LEO GX) to create I2S or DSD clock signal then feedback to our processor. There is no other DAC on the market has done that ever before.


Ni hao Xuanqian,

Thanks for your response, which confuses me a bit …

You say that the Vega G2 DAC works in master mode by using an external clock like the Leo. However, the Leo is only recently available, so the Vega G2 also has its internal clock.

How would you rate the accuracy of the internal clock in comparison to other brands, particularly the PSA Directstream as they seem to have put a lot of effort to minimise jitter. (I’m not an engineer so have difficulty in comparing specification sheets of different brands / models).

Xie xie ni,


The ‘external clock’ can be either the femto clock inside VEGA G2 (72fs dual femto) or clock signal from outside of machine, which is LEO GX.


I have just received my Leo GX and have questions:

  • how to perform firmware upgrade - there is LAN port but no buttoms, knobs or menu - I have 1.2 firmware but on photos from test and shows I saw 1.0 and 1.1 what means that firmware is under construction still.
  • when there will be Leo GX page on Auralic Supprt Center?



Hi Wojtek:

The LEO GX has 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 firmware at right moment but those are very minor differences and we do not push new firmware to all customers.

The next major firmware update of LEO GX will be next year to add support Sirius processor. When the new firmware is available, you just need to plug the network cable and turn the unit on, the download and upgrade will be completely automatic.


Hi everyone,
I thought I’d add to the LEO GX discussion in support of the many favourable comments already made in this thread.
I’ve been an Auralic user only a short time. I bought the Vega G2 a couple of months ago in August. I run it with Roon. I was immediately impressed with it. The SQ it delivered through my system was clearly better than anything I’d experienced before.
I thought I’d better look at the rest of the Auralic range. From comments read in this forum it seemed my best bet was to buy the LEO GX. You can imagine the discussion I had with my wife. Having just spent AUD 8.5k on the Vega, it was “you want to spend AUD 11k on a clock!!??”
So I bought the clock and cannot be happier. The Vega G2 + LEO GX produces music that is magical. My wife is rapt. (as am I).
And for the record, I’ll be buying the new Sirius as soon as it’s available.
It’s a pity Auralic doesn’t make wifi satellite speakers. I’d love to extend the Auralic sound throughout my home. I’ve not identified any speakers on the market that meet a satisfactory performance/reliability/price standard.
I hope this helps anyone considering buying the LEO.


Hello, I also have the Vega G2 and my Nucleus is on the way. One question, how is the Roon HW connected to the G2? Streamer or DAC - which connection sounds better?

Nice evening