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AURALiC Introduces LEO GX Reference Master Clock at High End Munich

Hello Xuanqian,
a simple, but for me important question: the benefit / advantage in my following audio chain =
Router - G2 with Lightning DS and QOBUZ Sublime+ - DAC … Up to now a (for me) very good audio impression.
Why should i install LEO GX in my system?
best regards Rainer


Hello Xuanqian,

A little mistake appeared on the “LEO GX Front.jpg” image. It says “Mater Clock” instead of “Master”.



Hi Rainer:

The benefit is purely on sound quality side. Because the clock is so precise that anyone can hear the difference within one second. The VEGA G2+LEO GX will bring the DAC into another performance completely. However the clock is expensive to build, and it is even more expensive then the DAC itself so we consider this to be an upgrade, If you are happy with VEGA G2 and you want better sound quality, then you can go by adding LEO GX to the system rather than replace VEGA G2 with another DAC.

We will hold several A/B comparison demonstration session starting from Friday to Sunday this weekend at Munich High End show, it will be a fun experience if anyone is interested to come.


Thanks for point it out, sorry I did not realize it. The photo has been corrected.


I have an early production Vega G2 from mid-December with the smooth black finish. Currently streaming from my Synology NAS and very happy with the performance of the Vega DAC.
If I wanted to upgrade slowly and add only one more piece of G2 component, which one would you recommend to get the most sound improvement? The Aries G2 or the Leo GX. Please explain why in your response.
Secondly, I understand that the metal casing finish has changed since the early production batch. How do I go about having the metal enclosure changed to the new version if I were to buy another G2 component, whether it is the Aries G2 or the Leo GX.



Our distributor and dealer normally arrange a chassis change for your VEGA G2 to the latest one so you will have a matching color of all units.

If you are really happy with current function of VEGA G2 then the LEO GX will be a the machine brings dramatic sound quality difference. The ARIES G2 provides more software features and some sound quality improvement, which is not as big as the LEO GX.

The sound quality difference bringing by LEO GX is at WoW level, which means anyone can hear the difference in just 1 or 2 seconds.

AURALIC has a tradition to list the product at very reasonable price. The reason that we price LEO GX more expensive then the DAC is because we have the confidence that the combination of VEGA G2 and LEO GX will overtake the other DACs on the market at same price. The LEO GX will also match future G series DAC like VEGA G3 or G4 in the future as a good investment.


LEO GX is now available on our website:

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So can it be used on other brand DAC?
And can I buy that special cable later on because it cost a thousand dollar. What is the length of that cable?

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I am interested in the answer to this question as well.

Xuanqian, can you please answer this question regarding whether the LEO GX can work with any other DAC with clock input, in addition to the Vega G2.


The LEO GX is exclusively built for VEGA G2 and future G series high end DAC, it has a unique output frequency and request working control via Lightning Link, so it will not work with any other DAC.


@Xuanqian, Can you give us a brief lesson about the data flow between VEGA G2 and LEO GX?

There is the RF cable and the LL cable. Does audio data flow to the LEO and back to the VEGA? Or does the VEGA just make use of the clock via the RF with control info flowing through LL? Or something altogether different?

Thanks, .Peter


Hi Peter:

The Lightning Link only carry control command like what sampling rate it need and front display status and power on/off status. The RF able carry real clock signal sending from LEO to VEGA, which is over 90MHz square wave.


Ok, I think I got it. I was mainly wondering if audio data was routed through the LEO or not. Sounds like it is not.

It is very elegant the way the LEO syncs with the VEGA so auto off display set on the VEGA works to control the LEO display and powering down (to standby) on the VEGA does the same for the LEO.

Thanks… Still listening and will post some impressions towards the end of the weekend.


I’ve had some time listening to the VEGA G2 / LEO GX combo.

Initially, I was impressed right off the bat. However, I wanted to have time to settle in with it and move back and forth between the VEGA with and without the LEO. Comparisons are a bit cumbersome and take more time to switch than other situations since I power down both units, change cable configuration, turn back on. As we all know, audio memory is quite fallible and the greater the time gap between conditions, the more difficult the comparison. So did some repetitions of listening in different order. This helps balance primacy and recency bias effects at least. I listened to V/L, V, V/L and V, V/L, V (VEGA/LEO, VEGA only).

The improvement is hard to describe in terms I have used before. I suppose the differences are due to things like improved dynamic range, better SNR, etc. What I actually notice is more life and engagement with the music. The music feels more separated from the system and into a life of its own. In some ways it is subtle, but in experience it is rather profound. The subtlety came when I went from V/L to V only. At first I thought that V was sounding quite good in comparison. But, after listening for a few minutes, I could detect a slight glare I had never noticed before. Switching back to the V/L combo, the music springs alive again. After a few minutes, no glare detectable.

I was quite happy with the VEGA G2 on its own. Now the LEO GX has raised the bar. I’ll never be the same again!


Another day. I am really enjoying this new sound! The LEO GX is a solid add in my system, no question now.


WOW factor difference, or no?


WOW = “difference that ‘anyone’ can hear in one second”