Length of Warranty

I would like to suggest that Auralic consider offering a longer warranty. The products are wonderful, and they are investments that one would like to use for a long time. Perhaps five years might be possible?

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I also encourage that. My new G series has awesome build quality and I believe it will hold up well, but a longer warranty is a great signal of manufactures confidence in their gear and an enticement for prospective customers. Eg SVS gives 5 years. In automotive in the USA, Hyundai build great brand reputation with their 10 year 100,000 mile warranty.

Your proposal creates cost. Would you prefer a higher price for everyone or an optional extended warranty?

I prefer that manufacturers have more skin in the game regarding reliability.

To Auralic’s defense, 3 years seems to be the norm for high end manufacturers, including PS Audio and Audio Research.

I think allowing for transferable warranty during the 3 years would be nice though. As far as I know, Auralic warranties are not transferable. That can hurt resale if you decide to sell down the road for whatever reason.

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Is it 3 years, or only one? This is what I see in the terms section of the US website: "AURALiC warrants the AURALiC-branded hardware product and accessories contained in the original packaging (“AURALiC Product”) against defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with AURALiC’s published guidelines for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user purchaser (“Warranty Period”). "

Especially for the up-market G1/2 series, that feels a bit short to me. I am confident my Aries G2 will last without problems for a long time, given its awesome build quality, and limited moving parts (buttons only) but 3 or even 5 years would demonstrate Auralic’s confidence in their products.

Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider a longer term in the future products!

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Hi Xuanqian,

I guess I assumed the warranty is the same across all your products. Your link only mentions the extended 2 years for original buyers for Aries. The below link I found also states the same for Vega G2. However, I do not see the same for Leo GX. Can you clarify the warranty for Leo? Do we get extended 2 years as original buyer from authorized dealer?


ARIES MINI is the only product that only has 1 year (2 in EU) basic warranty, all others have the 1+2 warranty policy.

Thank you very much Xuanqian!

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