LDS/Qobuz stop playback album

From yesterday Qobuz/LDS stop at every song here in Italy … LDS starts rebuffing … and you have to restart …


You may try to reboot the device and see if it will help.

Hi, thank you but from some days it doesn’t work correctly … Do you think it depends on Quobuz itself? Regards, G

No, the Qobuz service has full recovered I believe but I am having some problem streaming them in China just this week, not sure if it is a regional issue.

So this is an Auralic software problem?

In my opinion this a problem caused by LDS …

Good morning, I have to inform you that after 2 years and three months, with the latest firmware release, I solve my problem! Finally I’m able to enjoy my Aries femto … thank you very much indeed, kind regards, :sunglasses: