LDS Bug When Building LDS Playlist for Qobuz?

I searched for an answer to this question and didn’t see anything posted.

I was building my first LDS playlist last night for my Qobuz account (through my iPad). I created the list and began going through my albums finding songs to add. This part went as expected. However, when I went to review the playlist, I noticed that whenever I added the last track from an album to the playlist, instead of adding the last track, it added the second to last track in its place.

Thinking I had done something incorrect, I removed the track from the playlist, went back to the album and re-added the correct track (the last one on the album). It again added the second-to-last track instead of the one I had selected. All other tracks from the album (except for the final one) can be added without issue to the playlist.

I don’t have a subscription to Tidal, so I cannot confirm if the same issue happens to Tidal albums.

It depends on where you have created the playlist and the operation maybe slightly different. Please let us know where you have created the playlist. If you use Lightning blue side menu’s big playlist icon to create a playlist, it will be stored inside your iOS device as local playlist (but you can add Qobuz track into it), it will not sync into Qobuz account. If you create playlist under Qobuz>My Playlists, it will be created on Qobuz server and synced to iOS device at real time so it can be some limitation here and there.

I created the playlist under Qobuz>My Playlists.


I just made a video, I can not reproduce the problem, I think it may be relating to particular operation you are doing. It will be helpful if you do a video capture and we will try exact same step and see what’s wrong.

Xuanqian – Thank you very much for taking the time to look into this and make the video. In your video, you picked the first track of each of the four albums and added it to your playlist.

In my case, I attempted to add the LAST track of each of the albums. It allowed me to add the last track (it didn’t stop me), but when I reviewed the playlist, instead of the last track from each album, it actually added the second to last track instead. So, if the album had 10 tracks, I added track 10, but when reviewing the playlist, track 9 was actually what showed up.

If you need me to make a video, I’m happy to do so.

I got it and I have being able to reproduce the bug. I am moving this to our bug tracker and it should be a pretty easy fix. Thanks for reporting!