LDS buffering issues

I usually stream from Tidal with Roon but, because of a recent computer failure, I have been forced to give LDS a go.
I run LDS on my iPhoneX. My experience: great sound…BUT three or four tracks into an album and the music stops while LDS is buffering. This never happens with Roon.
In order to attempt a fix, I need to better understand the problem. I’d appreciate any advice the Community can offer.
My thinking is that Roon has 2 components:- (a) the App on your iPhone/iPad, etc, and (b) the Roon Core on your computer. The heavy lifting is performed by the (powerful) computer while the App is only a remote control for the Core.
With LDS, there is no Core equivalent. I assume that the LDS App is streaming from Tidal and “casting” the stream to my Aries. This would be a fairly large processing load for an iPhone, especially with hi-res files.
Is the only solution to run LDS on a more powerful device?
Does the Lightning Server (which I assume would run on a computer) provide the same support to LDS as the Roon Core provides to the Roon App, ie is there any integration between LDS and Lightning Server?

From your previous threads it appears that you may have got a lot of new equipment that you don’t understand how to use? If you want help it would be useful to know exactly what you have now and where the Lightning Server is that you want to configure?

I have Aries G2 > Vega G2 + LEO GX. I actually don’t have any problem understanding how to use these devices. I have been running them largely incident free with Roon for some time. I had some initial setup problems with the Vega about a year ago, but no real issues since.
I do not use, and have never used until the last couple of days, Lightning Server and/or LDS as Roon provides these functions.
My questions relate to the operation of LDS and, possibly, Lightning Server.
Can you assist?

Nice setup! I’m assuming Roon is temporarily out of the equation because of the computer problem…
I’m also assuming you want to stream Tidal via the Aries G2…

Configure the Aries either through it’s web page or the LDS app on the iPhone to select the Tidal streaming quality (Streamer Setup tab). Next add your Tidal Streaming Account account credentials using the LDS app (Settings). You should now see an additional Tidal icon in the LDS app and be able to fly Tidal from here (the iPhone is now just a remote control).

Thanks, but I’ve done all that.
I’ve been streaming from Tidal using LDS. That part is good. My problem as I tried to explain in my initial posting is that after 3/4 tracks into an album, LDS starts buffering. I am trying to understand why, or find out how I might prevent this.
OR, are you suggesting that the buffering is actually happening in Aries? I would be very disappointed with Aries if this was the case.

If there is an interruption to the Tidal Stream it’s not an inherent problem with the design of the Aries range IMO. The iPhone and LDS app are out of the equation once the stream is started…

OK. Well, the only thing left is the network. I’ve not had any recent problems with my internet connection using Roon. I guess I’ll have to wait for my computer to be repaired and then run Roon and LDS to see if the problem recurs with either, both, or not at all.
Thanks for your thoughts.

Roon buffers the Tidal track in its entirety in the first 10 seconds or so of a song specifically to cut down on Tidal (and Qobuz) dropouts.
Lightening DS does not do this as far as I know, but uses the general Tidal streaming protocol that for example Naim use (or at least did) and their forum is full of tales of Tidal dropouts.


Thank you @Sloop-John-B
This is the explanation I have been seeking.
I’m thinking it would not be too difficult to make LDS buffering similar to Roon’s. I guess it would require capacity to store at least 2 hi-res music files plus art work. That’s not very large.
Auralic needs to improve the performance of LDS. Anyone buying an Auralic product needs to get a positive experience playing the unit straight out of the box (unless they are a Roon user as I was). Frequent dropouts are very frustrating.
I’d like to explore using LDS in greater detail. Although I really like Roon’s information and navigating functions, I think LDS’s SQ is somewhat better…greater presence/forwardness. But I cannot be bothered with it if it’s going to dropout every 3/4 tracks.

We’ve both been on the Naim forums and owners in the past I see! A big difference between Naim and Auralic implementations of Streaming products is that Auralic opted to go with the OpenHome extensions allowing the streaming device to store playlists locally. This negates the use of a constantly connected client app pushing data to the device. This also allows multiple client apps to be connected unlike Naim. The Tidal issue is well documented on the web and in some cases the problems with Tidal is Country specific networking equipment, and maybe DNS related issues.

I can understand your frustration but there are plenty of people not using Roon but still enjoying reliable streaming services with Auralic products. There is no buffering going on at the app because the ‘playlist’ is sent to the Aries and you can turn the phone off, connect another client if you want, and still see the music playing. Something is happening on your network that is interrupting the information flow between the internet and Tidal and internally between your phone, router and other connected devices would be my guess.

Thank you @KJH
I’ve spent the afternoon playing music alternating between Roon and LDS. Frankly, I don’t know what to conclude.
When switching to LDS, I thought it necessary to turn off the Roon setting on the Aries (I’ve since learned that this is not necessary). I played LDS quite well for some time without problems when it suddenly stopped. Not apparent why.
I decided to go back to Roon, and so reset Aries to Roon. The moment it finished loading the Roon setting, the track which had previously stopped was suddenly playing. Weird. Perhaps LDS was buffering and this had, coincidentally, completed at the same time as Aries finished loading the Roon setting.
I then switched back and forth between Roon and LDS playing the same track. Roon worked perfectly. LDS suffered several hiccups; sometimes it momentarily could not see the Aries, sometimes the Tidal track was unavailable. Usually, these hiccups were quickly overcome. Meanwhile, Roon was perfect. (Not a network/system/environment problem.)
Anyway, I am not any wiser about LDS so I’m sticking to Roon and won’t trouble the Community about the matter again.
Thanks all.

Lightning DS is the control software, music data does not flow through Lightning DS, the actual music data travel from TIDAL server to your streaming device directly.

Thank you. This helps me better understand how LDS works.

I am embarrassed about taking up your time on this minor issue when I am sure you have much more important matters to deal with (tariffs, capital investment in China, Sirius, etc), so I will not prolong the discussion.

I love your products. I get great music and enjoyment from them.

Go well.


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