LDS app is crashing on iPhone XR

The latest LDS app is crashes when I try to open it. I have to shut down my phone or re download another copy of the app. Also I tried to setup new my Aries and I cannot go through the steps to setup. It gets stuck when it tries to lock in to its own network. Cant find itself.

Still having crash problems on my iPhone XR. I can not even start it up. I keep downloading a fresh ap and still crashes. It may start up after about 10-15 tries but if I close it and start up again back to crashes.

Which version of iOS ?

Whenever I’ve experienced App crashes on iPhone X just deleting the app sometimes hasn’t been enough.

Try deleting LDS followed by a Force Restart, then reinstall the app again.

That might clear away some part of the cache that’s hanging around that may still retain LDS related content.

If that fails then the next option is a Restore as New (factory) via iTunes that will reinstall a new copy of the iOS over your existing, in doing so it removes all existing data which includes old caches etc.

If you use one of your backups to get the iPhone set up as before you run the risk of bring back the issue, so you really have to decide if you will leave it as “New” or risk consequence in getting everything back to previous.

Not you can do similar without iTunes by going to Settings>General>Reset and selecting “Erase All Content and Settings”, but that will not replace the iOS and may not completely remove caches.

Hope some of this help.

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Thank you that was very tech savvy. I love that. I will give it a whirl.

You’re welcome, this may also be useful, it’s the link to Apple Communities, I’ve found it a very good source of information and help over the years.

One last thought, the LDS app may not be crashing due to there being anything actually wrong within the App or iOS, it may have more to do with how LDS is setup afterwards (ie. the Library or Server), so try after reinstalling the app to force LDS to set everything up from scratch again, don’t let it use anything it finds from a previous attempt.

Must admit this last one is just a wild guess on my part but you may get an indication by noting if LDS doesn’t crash during setup, only when trying to use it to access music, that may point towards some form of corruption within lightning server or music library.

Being new to this streaming lark means I’m still trying to understand how LDS functions so whether libraries or other elements created within LDS can cause crashes is as I say just an assumption on my part, but may be one worth exploring if all else fails.

The last link is I believe how you can set LDS up from scratch again.

Again wish you luck.

I tried the force start up and that does not work. The new downloaded app can’t even find the Aires without having to reset it up again. I downloaded the app on my iPad without any problems and it found the existing server.

CNot sure what else to suggest, I’ve only just purchased the Aries Mini so as I said just learning about how all this works, but been an Apple user for too many years to remember and the two previous suggestions usually clear up crashing apps.

Just for info I loaded LDS on to my iPhone X first because that was the fastest iDevice I have, didn’t experience any freezes or crashes, then moved over to iPad Mini 2 because of the (slightly) bigger screen, still ok, but noticed in using and switching between the two I sometimes got the Aries Mini a little confused.

So settled on the iPad in the end which I believe has the A7 processor, so it’s no sprinter by any means, but LDS has never failed to start.

I something find when starting LDS it doesn’t find Aries Mini or Library, but the fix for that I discovered is to close and immediately restart again, other than that it’s been very stable.

Sorry can’t think of anything else at the moment other than to check that the Xr has sufficient spare memory!

Go to Settings>General>iPhone Storage

If it’s getting close to max try freeing up a little space.

One more thought; have the Apple store check out the phone, they have a diagnostic tool that reads error history. Maybe that will shed some light. Lightning app runs fine on my iPhone 8.

I had the iPhone 8 as well and it worked fine. It is the Xr that is giving me problems.

Did you try a Restore as New (Apple call it restore to factory) using iTunes and obviously not using any previous made backup’s. Just set it up as you would do out of the box and only sign in with your Apple ID.

If LDS is then still giving issues on a “clean” device you probably need to question if it has a hardware issue as suggested by Nieuwro, the difficulty will be if no other app is causing same!

I remember there was some early reports that Apple’s latest iPhone’s, Xr, Xs and Xs max had some minor network connection issues due I believe to the fact Apple had switched chip suppliers (the Qualcomm battle), this impacted both wireless and cellular modem elements. I’m uncertain though whether that would trip over an app trying to load, crash logs may give you some idea.

Settings>Privacy>Analytics>Analytics Data

But as with most hardware compatibility problems it’s usually got around by software updates.

What you really need is for someone to join the discussion that has the same iPhone (although different regions could still have different chips) to see how it compares.

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Exactly…Please someone who has an Xr please give your input.

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