LDS Album Covers Have Disapeared

Since two days I try to get back most of my album covers in LDS that have vanished. I have almost tried everything to get them back in the library settings but nothing worked. If anybody has a good idea it would be welcome.
Other servers seem to be OK (TwonkyMedia, MinimServer, Asset UPnP Server, ROON).

Did you try to clean the cache ?

Do you have enough disk space on your device ?

Yes I have done a clear cache. I use an iPad Air 2, didn’t check the free space yet, I will have a look, thanks.

Just made some more space, 30Go free space and no change…covers didn’t came back…

What’s curious is that when I lunch LUMÏN application the LDS server works fine with all the album covers.

Are you using the latest LDS software on your ios device ? (I guess so …)
How do you provide your covers ? Embedded in the file (as metadata) or in a external file like folder.jpg ?

My cover files are embedded in the music files of each album.

Meanwhile every thing came back to normal.
What I have done is to change the : THE CUE FILE ENCODING to Arabic (ISO-8859-6) in place of WESTERN EUROPE (WINDOWS) I had before.
I don’t know how I came to this idea but it worked, OUF.


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