Layout radio station view in app


The view of my favorites for radio stations is much different from the album view in my music.
Would it be possible to create the same view for my favorite radio stations as used for my albums.

Secondly, when i add a new radio station to my stations you cannot mark them as favorite so the are available in the my favorite list.
It would be nice if that would be possible to do.

The radio function inside Lightning DS is provided by vTuner. All data (except for My Station) are managed by vTuner server. When you mark a station as favorite, Lightning DS send a command to vTuner server and they will mark it for your account. However the My Station is a place where you add radio stations manually, which is out of vTuner’s database. So these stations won’t be added to vTuner’s favorite list.

Hy Xuanqian

Thanks for your responds and i understand. Is it possible than just to do something about the layout in the app. The radio icons are small and only available as a list. It would be nice if the showed up a bit bigger just like cover art and and in tiles instead of a list. It would make it more user friendly. A screenshot how it is in de naim is addd.

I think it is possible, I will put it in our list for now. Thank you.