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@ alex.brinkman
Hi Alex,

Can you arrange delivery of a Vega G2 & Leo GX for “Audio Science Review”?
(Or at a minimum go on record requesting a re-test)

Those folks are well respected (as strictly scientific and unbiased), so it would be good to set the record straight.

I’m Vega G2/Leo GX owner, and love the music they produce!


I just replied to the Vega G2 thread at “Audio Science Review”:
Post #52 (as HookEm)

I read the review and quickly installed rubber corners on the very sharp corners of my Vega G2. :joy::joy::joy:
I took the review with the grain of salt it’s worth.
The Vega G2 is a flat out Monster and sounds amazing.
No matter what I throw at my G2 it just spits back pure ear candy. I can a do recommend it to everyone. No regrets on my investment and wouldn’t exchange it for any player on the planet. World Class it is!!


Hi Alex,

Here’s a direct question for you:
What is the expected worst-case difference (per spec) in output levels between Left & Right channels on the Vega G2?.. And how does that compare with the findings at Audio Science Review?


This thread reads like an advert for not publishing measurements of home electronics at all…
There are no OUTPUT Level differences for the tested Vega… The channel difference is related to a miniscule amount of distorsion, and the SINAD is 113db for one channel and 117db for the other one. If you are able to discern such a difference in a real world listening test, i applaud you, and at the same time feel sorry for your acute hearing. It cam’t be easy listening to ANY reproduced music with those ears…

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Um, try telling that to the good folks at Super Best Audio Friends. See, e.g.:

Well, at least the folks at " Super Best Audio Friends" took the trouble of doing their own testing… As it should be when you confirm or refute somebody else’s claims.

That’s basically the point I tried to make on my reply at “Audio Science Review”.

IMO, it’s unfortunate that the “Audiophile” industry has chosen to not publish specs, so
we’re left to rely on “Reviews”.

That lack of transparency (no specs) forces into needing to have “faith” (cause we ain’t got the facts!), hence, we Audiophiles are viewed as a Cult!.. I suppose you could argue: “Let your ears be the judge”…Fine argument, but the problem is that we can’t listen to and compare all the stuff that’s out there. Heck, rarely do we get a chance for an “in-home” listening trial before purchase!

I think we can agree that “Reviews” can be all over the place; hence, difficult to trust, and often times done by folks that are clueless at best. So to me specs would be a welcome sight.