Kii Three or Active Speaker Owners: Aries vs. Aries G2 Upgrade


Hello Kii Three/Active Speaker Owners. I currently have an Aries connected to my Kii Three’s via AES/EBU, for higher res, I use USB as required by Kii audio. I primarily stream Tidal as my main music source.

Have any of you upgraded from Aries to Aries G2? If so, have you noticed a difference in sound quality, stage presence etc…I would like your input.

Has the additional investment been worth it?

Seems Lightning Link is a major component of the G2. Since the Kii Three has an DSP and DAC per driver, I most likely will ever use an outboard DAC.

I appreciate any comments.




Hi Tim,

I own the Kii Three since 2,5 years.

My previous hifi system was twice as expensive. But the minimalist system with Kii Three and streamer (plus power conditioner) plays much better in my listening room! I use now Qobuz Studio (real HiRes) and a “NAS” (Aries Mini + 4 TB HDD in an other room).
I got technical problems with Tidal after 2 years,so I quitt it.

In the past I also had the Aries Femto, which I replaced with the Aries G2. A real progress. A bit more of everything (SQ).

The connection is a good AES/EBU cable. I don’t need the Kii Control Interface. Instead I use the very good digital volume control (64 bit) from Auralic.

Kii Three + Aries G2 > For me a perfect match!

Kind regards


Thank you for the reply, Maasi. I agree with you concerning the Kii’s, the minimalist approach along with Auralic Aries, the sound quality is amazing. I also went from a larger system to the Kii’s. I have the Kii Control, but did not consider using the digital volume control from Auralic Aries G2.

The only hi-res streaming service available at the time I purchased the Aries, was Tidal in the USA. Also, Tidal offers their premium service at a discount to military veterans, so I pay appx. $12.00 per month. For Qobuz, my cost would double. But I see their Hi-Res service is now available in the USA.

The dealer I purchased the Aries from has a trade-up program so I will be looking into that…

Again, thanks for the reply.



I have the Kii’s, use the controller and Aries G2 streaming Tidal. USB from G2 to the controller. Cat 8 cable from the controller to the Kii’s and between the Kii’s. Sounds great. Killer combo. Far better than separates. You must x5 to get something sounding this great.



I have also used the Kii Three with the Aries Femto usb out to Kii Control for 6 months ( the Aries Femto had then served me perfect without any trouble for 3 years) 13 months ago I changed to Aries G2. The Aries G2 USB galvanic isolated output wouldn’t work with the Kii Control. I was a bit shocked because of my very good experience with Kii Control and Aries Femto. My dealer gave my another Aries G2 after 2 months. This one has worked now for almost a year from USB to the Kii Control/Kii Three and yes there are a step up in the overall presentation of the sound with a lager,deeper sound stage and the Kii Three also dig deeper down the scale…
But I’m not quit satisfied with my Aries G2. It goes into freeze mood to often and have to be restarted with the main switch. This is not a big problem but irritating with a 40K euro product and was never an issue with the Aries Femto.
But the sound are superb. Good luck with the Aries G2 !


Kii Three with Aries Mini (Tidal, Spotify, internal SSD) & Control via USB worked fine, no flaws whatsoever, always reliable. Upgraded to G1 and have connection problems every day. Also, the Control did act strangely and had to be restarted from time to time. Changed from USB to Coax, but problem still there. Won’t appear in LDS, need to reconnect the Aries to the WiFi, up to cold restart.
Soundwise, it’s a step up, simple as that.


Hi - Aries G2 via USB to Kii Control; G2 via wi-fi to router, Synology NAS; Lightning Server.

Rock solid - but I live in a remote area with no competing wi-if networks.