Just purchased my third Auralic streamer!

Around a year ago I took a plunge and ordered a demo Aries G1, one of the first in Sweden I think.
I have been really pleased with it, and love the sounds it makes! Since then i have bought an original Aries last fall, and now I found a pretty low mileage Aries Mini.
Just thought I’d reach out and give praise to Auralic for building some great units with excellent stability and functionality. And they sound really nice too, even if the Mini needs some help! :wink: (The analog output sounds quite OK but it’s not a big challenge to better it)
Still, the stability of the system, VERY good!, the versatility (Spotify Connect, Roon Endpoint, and the sheer quality of the units is very satisfying.

Of course there are always small issues I’d like to see solved differently, but in the bigger perspective those are niggles.
So, thanks to Auralic, and keep up the good work!

(PS. A friend just bought an Aries G1 based on his exposure to the functionality and sound quality of the Aries’s in my setup!)


Glad to hear that I‘m not alone! (According to the best of all spouses I‘m insane). After suffering shipwreck with two faulty used Aries (which I could give back and received refund for) I kept it up with Auralic and purchased two used Aries Minis which I was very happy with - until I got spoiled by an Aries G1. I immediately got rid of both Minis but unfortunately had to wait two and a half months for Aries G1 #2. Yesterday it was finally delivered and now I’m enjoying the very best streaming devices in my listening room as well as in my HeadFi setting. (In the meantime my HeadFi was driven by my MacBook and Audirvana. All in all not really bad, but compared to Aries G1 it was a pain in the kidney). Taken together, this makes six Auralic devices in little more than a year‘s time. And my patience did pay, I‘m the happiest listener worldwide :blush:.



Are you prepared to take a double blind test on that? :smiley:
Seriously, i think most of us are really pleased, but some are not. As in most cases i suppose.

My advise still stands, fix your network, and the most of your issues will go away…

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