Is It Possible To Stop At FW 6.2.1?

Sonic quality between 6.1.1 and 6.2.1 is once again greatly improved. 6.1 release version was a step back. 6.2.1 is remarkably good. The realism is back. Everything is better… bass,liquid midrange, greater detail. The background is blacker and quieter. This is new. Also, even Qobuz sounds acceptable. In 6.1.1 Qobuz sounded uniformly like AM radio. Qobuz isn’t as good as local material, but it is listenable with 6.2.1.

I could go on, however, what I would like to know is… can I freeze firmware updates at 6.2.1? I am very happy with the current build. My little Mini sounds awesome. 6.2.1 is stable and reliable.

How can I make my Mini stop accepting firmware updates? Alternatively, can previous versions of firmware be made available so that it can be reverted, if necessary?

Thanks in advance for any guidance. And many thanks for the beautiful sound quality improvements in 6.2.1.

My Mini is at 5.8 and my ‘About device’ screen says 6.2.1 is an available beta. I don’t have the ‘enable beta’ download selected. The ’ Current Device Firmware’ support page indicates 6.2.1 is not available for Mini, but it appears it is according to my "About device’ screen.

Also, it appears to me that 6.2.1 is not considered a beta release for the Aries G1/G2 or Vega G1/G2. See above link. Is 6.2.1 an official release or beta release ? And is this support page incorrect for some devices ? (like the Mini)

Can’t help with the second part of your question, but regarding what’s currently available, this is what’s showing on my Mini.

As you can see, I have beta testing enabled so my device is on 6.2.1 (top), but latest (non beta) release is still on 5.8 (middle) and beta available (bottom) is on 6.2.1

These appear to match what’s shown on the firmware site for the Mini apart from the beta hasn’t been revised from 6.1.1 to 6.2.1 (think @Xuanqian just wanted to get the latest out to Mini owners as quick as possible).

Can’t think why your Mini is showing 6.2.1 for latest release instead of 5.8. Have you tried turning the power off to force the device to reboot.

Hi, Samuel…

You can join the Beta test programs and gain access to prerelease sw/fw versions, according to this link:

I think the above link will work, anyway.

I did notice that some of the information on the device Support page is not 100 percent correct. As of a few days ago 6.2.1 was a Beta release according to Auralic. It was also expected to be the release version eventually, as it appears to be stable… according to Auralic (and in my experience.)

6.2.1 really is worth getting. It’s by far the best sounding firmware Auralic has released. It’s essentially perfect. I hope they don’t change anything. They seem to know how to make a great sounding audiophile player.

Good luck and happy listening.


I second @IS3005 comment regarding getting the latest beta, haven’t had any issues apart from initially having to re-cache and re-build library because it wouldn’t update newly added content.

It feels a little snappier than 5.8, sorts out the BBC streaming issue and after listening for several days does sound better, to me it appears a little more open.

Haven’t experienced any crashes with LDS either that occasionally happening when navigating around with 5.8

Overall, I’m also pleased with what’s been delivered for the Mini.

It is 6.2.1 now. Our team was block from Internet access to our support website due to some ‘technical’ issue created by government so the did not update the site in advance. Everything is up to date now.

We are going to push 6.2.1 to official channel of ARIES and ARIES MINI in about two weeks time, if we do not find any new bug of report for issues from this version.

Qubuz acceptable?
Qobuz like AM radio?
I would consider a visit to the ENT specialist if I where you.

Hi, Xuanqian…

I haven’t received a response to my original questions. Perhaps the subject is too delicate or complicated to respond to publicly. I trust that the sonic improvements on 6.2.1 will be preserved into the future. Perhaps further improvements will be forthcoming. It’s all awesomely good. You guys really know how to do audiophile digital right. Thanks again…

Hi, Pietro…

Visiting an ENT is something that I and many of my friends and acquaintances consider doing and agonize over all the time. To be certain, I am aware that variances in my hearing acuity from day to day do occur. This is why I listened to the 6.2.1 build of 0903 for several days prior to asking my question.

I heard an immediate and noticeable improvement upon installing 6.2.1, however I wanted to be absolutely certain that my hearing wasn’t an active variable in this case. For several weeks prior to the release of 6.2.1 I had been considering investing in new loudspeakers ( Magnepans) or upgrading my DAC or investing in a Vega G2. This was after eliminating my hearing as a possible cause of my dissatisfaction with the sound of my system.

It certainly is not reasonable to expect audio over the internet (AOI? ) to sound as good as a local source. Here is an interesting article that you might enjoy reading that was helpful to me:

I just was disappointed initially by the lack of quality in the Qobuz material. And I didn’t intend to blame Qobuz exclusively in my previous post. I did change from wireless to CAT6 wired internet connectivity that resulted in no improvement in Qobuz quality. Qobuz may still be working out their ingest workflow. And I also realize that the Mini itself may have been ( or still is ) a factor in this issue. For example, some of the 44.1 Qobuz material sounds better than the 96/24 hi-Rez material on Qobuz. Could this be because the Mini doesn’t have the processing power to handle hi-Rez material over the internet as easily as lower bandwidth stuff? Perhaps. And still I would assert that the Mini is perhaps the GOAT in terms of cost versus performance for a digital player. I can’t imagine anything supplanting the Mini in this regard in the near future.

It is always most important in these cases to “ solve the right problem. “ And these issues rarely are simple and straightforward issues. In my experience and on my system, however, the differences in sound quality between firmware 5.8 and 6.0.b.3 and between firmware 6.1.1 and 6.2.1 are immediately audible and not subject to physiological variables or power line noise, whether the room is dark or light, etc., etc.

Of course the brute force solution is a Vega G2 plus Leo. In the meantime 6.2.1 is amazing. Best change of all is the lower noise floor. It is fall off a cliff - emerge from darkness apparent silence to signal. If this is not audible, then, yes, one should check one’s hearing or audio system, listening room, etc. Thanks…


Thanks for this reply.
The link indeed gives insight.

You can lock at particular firmware version by emailing us your quest. However this operation is not reversible, which means you will never ever receive any update in the future. What we do is we delete the machine from our database and it wont receive update in the future.

Regarding sound quality change, if we do not mention sound quality optimization in the firmware release notice then there is no sound quality change. However if you upgrade from 5.8 to 6.2.1 rather than from 6.1.1 then they must be a change there.

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