Interested in an Auralic Vega G2

Tomorrow I will go to my local Auralic dealer to audition an Auralic Vega G2 at home for a week. At the moment I’m streaming with a PS Audio DS DAC with Bridge II. I also built a powerful silent server with Roon. This server has 2 lan ports, so I will have a direct lan-connection between the Roon server and the Vega G2. The reason I may be selling my PS Audio is that it takes to long to fix a couple of issues: ticks during DSD playback, ticks on the start and end of DSD tracks and the long ramp up introduced with OS Snowmass. A lot of problems are related to Bridge II. Should I expect a ticks and pops free experience with the Vega G2?

I think you are in for a real treat. Keep us posted and enjoy. The G2 is a World Class product. Loving mine as a stand alone and no looking back.

VEGA G2 should work quite nicely without pop noise if it runs as RoonReady endpoint. The only thing I am not quite sure is if it is possible to run VEGA G2 with Ethernet directly connecting to the Roon server. Normally it has to go through a home network (connect to a switch/router).

It worked for the PS Audio. The dual lan-connection works in bridge mode. Can I set a fixed ip-address for the Vega G2?

Yes, it can be done via web control interface, you can disable DHCP then it will allows you to put IP address manually, you also need to input gateway and DNS otherwise it wont work.

@Xuanqian: thank you!

Unfortunately no Vega G2 this weekend. The Dutch (BeNeLux) distributor promised the G2 to another dealer, so I’ll have to wait…

That’s interesting. We have no VEGA G2 backorder from Dutch distributor so far. We will need to check with them…

I got a message from my dealer that the Vega G2 will become available in a couple of days. Exciting news! Are there people that already compared the sound quality of the Vega G2 to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC?

Finally, I have a demo Vega G2 at home! The next 14 days I will do a lot of listening to decide if I trade my PS Audio DS DAC for a Vega G2. No network issues. The G2 plays nicely directly connected with the second lan port of my silent server (Nordost Heimdall 2 ethernet cable). The only issue at the moment is humming noise when I connect the G2 to a PS Audio P5 power regenerator. When I connect the G2 to a regular outlet, I do not get the humming noise. All my other equipment is silent. Any suggestions?

Yes…get rid of the P5

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