I can't get Lightening to successfully scan NAS

When I go through the setup and select the folder to scan I always end up with this error.


Help please!



This is usually down to the Path not being correctly defined and or incorrect user credentials for the Share? I’ve been caught before…

I’m not sure if this will help, but I’ve just put a drive inside my G1 that already had content on it, and I couldn’t get LDS to find it, under Settings when trying to add the drive it wanted the “path”, which I wasn’t sure about.

In the end I setup Lightning Server again but instead of adding an existing Library decided to select “Add New Library”, that took me to a screen that gave three choices, External usb, Internal or NAS, I selected “Internal” and it then went through the scan, indexing, artwork searches and after a few minutes I had all my content showing again.

Went back into Settings and the path had now been auto filled with “HDD”.

As I said not sure if your issue is similar, so if not disregard the above.

Thanks for the replies, I do get as far as selecting the NAS and then selecting the folder after putting in my user/pass combo, so Lightening is seeing the NAS.


The next step is for the path to be mounted as long as the path status is OK. I usually use the address of the NAS not it’s name then /share name

I don’t really understand what you mean by this?

What I have done is to use Minim Server on the NAS and this works but I always like to see what configuration gives the best sound quality.


This is the process I have used but via the Aries web interface to use a Network Share ( NAS ).
This has to be done before trying to Add a Music Library if that makes sense.

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when I for the first time set up my Aries Mini the same issue occurred. I started the process again. And again. And then once more. At the fifth time I ignored the error message, put my iPad aside, went for a walk, had an espresso lungo with some cantuccini and when I came back to my iPad LDS had generated a flawless database. Obviously the error message had popped up far too early while as a matter of fact the music folder was still being read.
Hope this helps.

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Indeed hopefully the same is happening for me.

My iPad is still showing the error message Oops! etc. but the Lightening IP control site is showing scanning taking place

@Xuanqian I think this must be a bit of a bug?

and I did try to mount my NAS through the web IP control but could not get the correct path. It would seem the issue was I kept putting something before the name of my NAS.

What appears to be working (done through the Lightening app) is NAS/Music. I was trying \NAS AND //NAS to no avail!.


Your Lightning server is running a scan, I think you need to wait till the scan is done then simply select it as server, you dont need to run the setup guide again.

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