How the Vega G2 changed the sound


Yesterday, I received my Vega G2. It replaced my original Vega. The relevant digital part of my system is B&W 803D’s (speakers), Aries G2, Prima Luna Dialogue Premium preamp, and Bel Canto ref600m monoblocks (amps). I stream my music wirelessly from a QNAP NAS. While the sound quality and sound stage were always very good, my system could tend to being overly bright on some recordings (Willie Nelson’s Stardust in dsd64 was a prime offender). I had switched out tubes in the PrimaLuna and that had helped a bit, but not totally. Well, with the addition of the Vega G2, the brightness is gone. The highs are natural and pleasant to listen to. In addition the sound stage is expanded and the separation of instruments is greater. Vocals are more forward, and I’m hearing little details all over the place that I didn’t know existed. Even 16 bit 44.1 recordings sound hi-res now. Amos Lee’s Arms of a Woman has so much detail you’d swear it was dsd64 at least and not ripped from a cd.

That’s my initial experience with the Vega G2. Eveyone’s will be different of course, but i’m really happy with it.


Awesome! I too upgraded from the original Vega to the Vega G2 almost a year ago, and have since added the Leo GX to the mix as well. Sublime is the first term that comes to mind.

System consists of KEF R11 speakers and Simaudio Moon M400 monoblocks. I am using the Vega G2 as the preamp as well, after finding that it had a more accurate, less colored sound than my Moon P5.3se preamp.

The Auralic digital stack, coupled with a Roon Nucleus+ provides the ultimate digital source for my system…could not be happier!