HDMI Cable - Aries G2 to Vega G2

Hi All-

Would like to get your feedback if you have compared different HDMI cables for the above combo.

It would have been a non-event for me when Auralic had stock on the AQ Diamond HDMI with special pricing for Auralic G2 owners. The owner just advised that they no longer have stock and I guess have no plans to restock from AQ at discount pricing for G2 owners.

My dealer also recommends Wireworld top of the line stating they tested AQ Diamond and it did not pass through the full 4K signal but Wireworld does. It could be just sales tactics since they do not carry AQ.

Let me know if you have had any experience comparing. This is a pricey proposition since top end 0.6M HDMI cables will cost $1k.

I’m using Wireworld Platinum starlight HDMI from my Directstream memory player to Directstream dac, sounds amazing!

I would be carefully not to spend to much on HDMI. The pricing of the Audioquest HDMI is silly, besides there is no information available from the vendor concerning compliance with standards.

I have applied a Lindy HDMI from their Gold Line for app. $ 30 for 1 meter. It covers 2160p up to 20 meter. So I guess this is more than enough for 1 meter. Try to find the same figures for the Audioquest…

And the cable sounds terrific and is complete stable in the connection between the two G2 units.

Thank you Kim! I was hoping to hear from others like you with same component configuration. I am a subscriber to the fact that cables can affect sound quality but agree prices charged by cable manufacturers can be crazy. I will look into your option and perhaps do some comparisons.

Given this HDMI link is vital for G2 line, it really would be wise for Auralic to have a list of recommended HDMI cables similar to what they have for routers. Also, if they can offer upgraded cables for customers to purchase similar to their clock cables and previously their AQ diamond stock.

I think you do not have to worry about hdmi cable … regarding the bandwith fir audio, even an hdmi 1.2 cable will do the trick.

DSD512 is only 50mbits … far away of 18.2gbs of a hdmi 2.0 cable … and for 1m or 2 :slight_smile:

Thanks Deuch! Besides bandwidth, I am also interested in best option for sound quality. For instance, I have tested various USB cables and in my system, every cable was noticeably different. The top end Wireworld Platinum for instance was too bright. For ethernet, I compared generic versus AQ Vodka vs AQ Diamond. I ended up with AQ Diamond since it was noticeably improved over Vodka in detail and refinement.

On my side i do not believe of such things as ethernet hifi cable. I can not understand why it can improve sound. But if you are happy with it and find difference, only your feeling matter and it’s the most important :slight_smile:

I’m working in computer science with real time business (million of transactions per second, worldwide), in high frequency trading done by robots. We are working with specific linux OS (fine tuned and we remove some error protocol to be faster), with overclocked processor and network card. In our Datacenter (one of the biggest in Europe), we are not using fancy cable, and we are working with 10Gb network, with less error correction than everybody at home, and we are sub microsecond process (and less now) and with an ultra ultra low latency. Dual power supply, no EFI shield etc … A very polluted environment.

Ang guess what ; We never lost a deal, everything arrives in the right order etc …

So at home, with less pressure, very few client (only one, you streamer generally, not hundred or thousand clients), just a few megabits of bandwidth, error correction protocols, you are nearly in a perfect situation :slight_smile:

If the trick is to remove noise coming from router/switch to component, how do you do that ? The shielding is use to provide protection fro external perturbations. But if you have noise in you data wire, the shield will not help you so much.

This electrical noise can provide a sound degradation, i can understand that. So why not using Wifi ? Or even better an Optical network ! I hope Auralic will provide some day a SFP connector. With this, no more issue. But i’m pretty sure that manufacturer cable will sell you some finer glass with a level of purity etc … Hifi is a business after all :slight_smile: Same thing for Lightning link, an optical one will be the ideal, we can do 10Gbs with fiber optic, even if 1Gb is enough for Audio.

But it’s a different story you know.

Enjoy music on your system, this is the most important !

LOL. Thanks much for your good read and insight.

Believe me, this stuff called audio makes no sense and never makes sense scientifically either. I can’t remember where I read some articles on the shape of the 0s and 1s that come through using different ethernet or USB cables and the shape changed. The data still came through as 0s and 1s but the changed curve somehow sounds different via the audio output. This came through as increased brightness/digital sound.

If you search, you will likely find the same reads that I came across. I can’t explain it scientifically but I can say with high confidence that Diamond sounded much better than Vodka which sounded much better than generic. I had my buddies over to test these and we swapped with blind tests for each other, the generic, Vodka and Diamond and all independently agreed Diamond/Vodka/Generic in that order. Keep in mind noise is already extremely low in my system where NAS and Router are each powered by separate linear power supplies. NAS connected to router via AQ Diamond Ethernet, then Wifi from router is streamed to Aries/Vega G2.

Besides ethernet cables, do you subscribe to cables sounding different? For instance, power cords, interconnects, speaker cables, etc.?

I think you’ve got plenty of food for thought, but I still add that digital cables–unless failing to meet the specs or poorly constructed–don’t and can’t affect sound quality. Anyone who tells you anything else is either misguided, has a vested interested, or is drunk on cool-aid. The theory does’t support such claims and empirical testing (AB/X and taking measurements) fail to show a difference.

I’d like to remind all that Audioquest was caught red-handed in manipulating their YouTube clips. Further, the fail to back up their claims with science and measures. A typical snake oil company in that regard.

Of course if you like the look of their cables, go for it. But for purely sound quality, do the right thing and save your money.

Thanks for clearing that up! LOL I should have known my ears are just liars! Do not believe what you hear.

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