Harsh noise when switching albums on Vega G1

I upgraded to Vega G1, running in stream mode with Aries Mini with USB attached drive. I LOVE the sound. My only negative is that when switching albums, there’s an initial small burst of sound that’s unpleasant. I didn’t have this with my old Vega/Aries LE combo. Is there a way to eliminate this?

Are the albums different resolutions or formats i.e switching from say a 44.1khz to 96khz or visa versa?
There is a setting for my Aries G1 and I assume the Aries Mini to place a delay when switching between formats to avoid the sound burst. It can be found under the streamer settings.

I set the delay (2 seconds, i think). I haven’t rigorously checked, but I don’t think it matters what format or sampling rate it is. Within an album, no problem. Loading up a new set of files, that’s the problem.

Yes, I would like to know if the noise come by switching sampling rates.

So this was interesting. In Stream mode, the noise pretty readily appears when switching to 192/24 or 352/24 material. In USB mode, that didn’t happen but there was an occasional “pop” when switching to DSD 128.

I’ve had this problem for some time now on my Vega G2 with USB. I’d like to know the answer too. And it seems to “pop” from switching sampling rates. I tried the delay but it didn’t help.

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where is auralic on this one,i would be pleased with it

Anybody have any thoughts or ideas?

It is a known issue with my Altair. Occurs due to the lack of a hardware muting circuit when switching between the 44.1 and 48 MHz clocks.

Auralic has been great, worked closely with me to try and resolve, even going as far as replacing my unit under warranty. But the replacement unit has the same issue. Hopefully they can develop a firmware/software fix one of these days.

Thanks, cordobaman,

Auralic has been great with me, too. And they replaced the innards of my Vega G2 to try and fix it. But it’s still there. Roon lets you put a delay on it when switching rates. I’ll try that again. But like you I’m hoping there’s a fix soon.

Hi guys:

We have got a video from our staff in Germany and explained the problem that is related to switching between different sampling rate families (44x and 48x). The problem was not that obvious because of the analog control while VEGA G1 using digital volume control so the noise was in full scale. We are going to apply a hardware mute operation in next firmware release so as to fix this problem, it is a easy fix on G series.

I’ve the same problem with my Aries Femto :frowning:
Will it be solved as well by a firmware update?

Are there any updates regarding this particular known issue? My Altair would be thankful :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same problem with my Aries Mini. Using an external DAC. Have tried all values for Output delay.
I current test a Aries G1. Using same input as for the Mini (Tidal), same DAC and no harsh Tick-sound when changing music.
Also this sound does not appear when a new track starts on the playlist. It is only when I switch from one album to another.
Don’t think is something to do with changing the sampling rate.

In addition to my post from yesterday. I have changed the inputs: the G1 now using usb and the Mini using the coax. No more harsh sound from the Mini. And the G1 did not start to give the harsh sound.
The Mini usb interface must be the reason.

Yours seems to be a different issue.

The harsh crack/pop for this thread is definitely related to clock change. It occurs with all inputs; USB, internal hard drive, and even when streaming Tidal.

Bringing this subject up again. Any chance there will be a fix coming?

Very interesting. I recently replaced my PS Audio Bridge2 with an Aries G2, because, the Bridge2 would make horrible bursts of distortion when sample rates changed. The G2 does not share the issue.

The hardware mute was added on VEGA G1 firmware quite long time ago. With latest firmware, you can hear mute relay clicking when you switch between different sampling rate families.