Grouping Aries together

I have an Aries G2 and Aries Femto. When grouping, I’m guessing one Aries acts a slave. (More than just where the playlist etc, sits). So it would seem to make sense to add the Femto to the G2 when grouping??

I’d also be interested in technically how this works if anyone really understands. Thanks!

Grouping in Roon? Or in Lightning DS?

In either case, i believe you are misleading yourself with the “master/slave idea” Grouping should mean that you set both clients up as to recieve the same TCP stream from the server, or to be more exact, each TCP package is duplicated and adressed to each of the “subscribers”. They are both part of the same network if correctly set up so there is no “re-distribution” taking place or such.

With LDS…and thanks, I kinda get that. I suspect there is more to that otherwise I would expect some lag between the 2 Aries over playback time. My files are attached to G2 via SSD. I suppose the same applies to those files?

LDS’s group function is mostly inside device firmware rather than LDS software. Master device use UDP package with timestamp to send live stream to each slave design with calculated delay to achieve perfect sync result. It is heavily rely on network speed for stability.

Thanks Xuanqian- That’s kinda what I thought. I’ll be posting a new thread soon on the new network gear I have installed after further testing. So far the results are very promising.

@Xuanqian Xuanqian- Right now I’m testing with only a Sonicwall TZ400 router with Gbps Lan to Aries G2 and Aries femto. (Grouped with G2 as Master)


Dropouts/skips are less frequent but still persist. Same behavior for SDD files or Tidal.

Thoughts? Internet speeds are around 300 Mbps. Ping tests to Aries are less than 15ms. Latency 13ms


What is your DHCP leasing period setting on the DHCP server (router)?

DHCP .100 - .199 Both Aries assigned static IP .202 and .203


This is your DHCP range, not the leasing period. The leasing period’s unit is second, for example 46,800 seconds.

Sorry. 1440 minutes.


1440 mins should be long enough and not having any problem with this setting. Question here, when you hear a drop, is that just one or two seconds or it will be somehow over 10 seconds?

Hi- 95% of the time is a 1 or 2 second drop. Every once in a while it’s a 10 second drop when it advances to the next track.


I think the WiFi speed is still not enough for the grouping play. I would expect no drop if you do not group the devices together, is that right?

Hi- Im not using any wifi. All Lan. Yes, there is no drop off when used individually. Also, group drop off also occurs with local files only with SSD directly to G2. Lan speeds are 1G full duplex. 0% packet loss.

FWIW, there is no drop of when using Roon with both Aries grouped.

Is that relating to higher sampling rate or even on 44.1K? Roon works in a very different way since all stream is coming out of Roon core server which is much more powerful than our little chip inside ARIES G2. I am wondering if any processor effect is enabled? That can use some system resources and potentially cause drop out but it should only happen with very heavy load (upsampling and EQ while playing high res music).

Have you tried just plugging the SSD directly into the router?
It’s worth a try if nothing else seems to be working for you.
I myself run x2 Aries Femto streamers on my home network & occasionally group the 2 for shared play around the both rooms.
My home’s hard wired with a Gigabit router, x2 Gigabit switches & all done with CAT7 cabling.
Rarely will I get any delays when they’re in grouped mode but is does happen.
I found when my hard drive was plugged into the back of 1 of the Aries Femto’s that the delays were more frequent when running in grouped mode.
I would describe my own home network as being pretty much bullet proof TBH as I can stream multiple 4k videos & data transfers all day long without ever any issues regards speed. The streaming of music files even Hi-Def ones shouldn’t really be a Speed issue on a well set up Gigabit Network…
I reached the conclusion that it was the Aries Femto’s themselves that would just give the rare problem with a delay regards running in grouped mode & definitely not my home Network set up. No offence meant to Auralic here but TBH the Aries Femto’s are getting on in age now :wink: Perhaps x2 Aries G1’s or x2 G2’s would run smoother in grouped mode?
Anys good luck with your problem & maybe trying the SSD straight into the Router or ran through a PC/ NAS might help somewhat, it’s certainly worth a try friend :wink:

Thanks…my SonicwallTZ 400 router doesn’t support a USB SSD. I’m also confident in my Gigabit network.

@Xuanqian- I’m not using any Aries processing. (upsampling, EQ, etc.) Any thought if a G1 replacing the original Aries would help?? That would mean a G2 with SSD and a slave G1 when grouped. I much prefer LDS to Roon, but stability is a must in group play because that usally when guest are here.

Hi Mark:

No, that will not make difference because your ARIES is working as a slave, most workload to sync different devices are on the master device.

I think we need to isolate the problem and see if it is caused by network or processing power. First of all, I need to know if the drop out occurs on both master and slave device or only one of them. Second, I want to know if this happens on higher sampling rate file only or even it does not matter with the sampling rate. Last, I want to see a result by disabling bit-perfect option when you create the group, that will actually add processing load for them master device (downsampling process) but reduce load on the network since everything is on 44.1/48.