Good sound, good music!

This is of course highly subjective, but i would like to hear about your recommendations on music which both sounds good and has musical qualities beyond the usual audiophile crap.
Of course there are benefits if it is streamable or downloadable but i might just as well be CD.

Me, i like samplers, and i’ll start with one of those and one “audiophile crap”-recording! :slight_smile:
Danish loudspeaker manufacturer has been compiling samplers for a few years, and the have had a gift for setting up some very nice compilation albums. This one i like a lot:
The Dali CD - Vol.4 - It can be bought here but i dont know if it is streamable. A lovely mix of everything between Laurie Anderson and Infected Mushroom, thats for sure.

And this borders on “audiophile crap” but the lady is a gifted singer and the production is flawless:
Vanessa Fernandez - I Want You - Available from NativeDSD among others, i bought the DSD256 version but these guys are honest enough to say that the DSD64 transfer is upsampled using SoX to the various resolutions above. Anyhoot, i gave it a shot and it really sounds spectacular, but i also listen to the nice interpretation of the songs. (covers, but not in a bad way)

Now, lets hear what you like?

This one too :


Thanks for sharing. I have Dali CD Vol 1 and 2, both have very nice track selection. We even used a couple tracks for our trade show in the past.

I have a few tracks I use that are very unconventional in the “Usual Audiophile” sense - meaning they showcase very well but you won’t hear them at Axpona…

Angus & Julia Stone - Draw Your Swords
Sohn - Lights
King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew

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Searching on Qobuz now :smile:

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Lovely mix of different music! I liked them all but especially Sohn

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Glad you like!

Of Monsters and Men - Rororo
Foo Fighters - Over and Out
Rufus Du Sol - Underwater

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Susan Wong has very good recording too (511, My live stories etc …)


Woog san is great too


Try’s these.


Great harmonies and acoustic guitars, sounds glorious on my Altair G1.

Solo album by Sharon den Adel, Dutch singer, Front woman of the Symphonic Metal band “Within Tempations”

Xuanqian, what are some of the tracks you use at trade shows…I’m curious!

I am a big fan of classical music, but everytime I play classical recordings at trade show, people simply walk out of the room. Eventually, I gave up and our team member is in charge of selecting tracks. I no longer do so. :smile:


Me too (classical fan not walking out). At the last show I was at, I managed to clear the Auralic dem room by playing through several classical favourites. Apologies, but at least I ended up buying a Vega G2. :smiley:


Acoustic playing of the finest order, the McLaughlin/DeLucia “dual” is simply fantastic.

But the opening track is still my favourite.

A live recording that simply sounds so good I just had to purchase it on vinyl as well!

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