Getting the G1 to do the work not Roon


This has been posted in the Roon community but it was suggested I post here.

Just purchased a G1 to replace my Meridian MS200. The G1 connects directly to my Meridian DSP3100 speakers via digital coax. All is working well and sounds lovely.

My question concerns how I get the G1 to use it’s capabilities for DSD conversion and downsampling rather than Roon.

It would appear the settings in the Lightning DS app for DSD to PCM and downsampling only apply when music is played back using Lightning DS; for me they have no effect when using Roon. So this means that my DSDs are converted by Roon before sending to the G1, the same as for the few tracks that I have at 192khz, these are downsampled to 96khz by Roon.

In Roon I have set the capabilities of the G1 to 96khz as if I leave it at 192khz there is no sound (this will be because my speakers are limited to 96khz).

Is this how it is supposed to work or have I missed a setting somewhere.

Many thanks


Does Meridian DSP3100 speakers support DoP DSD via its digital coax? If it only accept PCM then Aries G1 or Roon will need to convert DSD to PCM.


I understand that either Roon or the G1 will need to convert - that is what is happening now. What I am trying to do is get the G1 to perform the conversion rather than Roon, but I cannot seem to get that to happen.


Go to additional settings in your LDS, in setup menu, select convert DSD to PCM. I think due to hardware limitation only DSD64 can be converted to 24/88.2 or 24/176.4k PCM.

Since DSD is based on 64x 44.1k (DSD64) it will wise to convert 88.2k or 176.4k without truncation errors.


I have that set and downsampling for anything above 96kz and DSD64, but as I said in my original post, those settings only appear to work for music played back through the Lightning app. They do not appear to affect any music ‘sent’ from Roon.


If you using Roon to send to Aries G1, then Aries G1 becomes an endpoint or simply a ‘pass through’ device. It means Roon takes control of everything including any forms of conversion.


New user. Just encountered this issue myself. Is this expected behaviour for Roon (ie do other hardware streamers do the same?) or is this a choice made by Auralic? It seems disadvantageous to disable hardware upsampling, especially when that hardware could be better sounding than the software upsampling…


@rDin If you install the latest beta firmware - 6.0b3 then Aries can handle the downsample/upsample and not Roon, EXCEPT for DSD which will still be converted to PCM by Roon before sending to the Aries. I hope that helps you. In answer to the first part of your question, this is a choice by the streamer manufacturer not the Roon guys.


Thank you very much.