G1 not working with Legacy Wavelet

I have a new Legacy Wavelet Preamp/DAC and a new G1. The G1 works fine feeding a Bryston DAC and taking the analog out from that and feeding the Wavelet. That works. I can feed a Bryston streamer to the Wavelet via SPDIF. That works. Feeding the SPDIF out from the G1 to the Wavelet doesn’t work. I’ve tried with both the Lightning app and Roon with no luck.

Sorry but basic question, did you check the output of the Aries G1 in LDS ?

Yes, I checked it out using LDS. It does not work when sending the output to the Wavelet in LDS on Roon.

Have you tried taking the SPDIF output from the Aries G1 to the Bryston DAC?

Yes and that works.

Also tried multiple reboot of G1 and Wavelet

Geoff Smith from my iPad

That’s very strange? SPDIF is pretty straight forward, it either works or not…
Sorry if stating the obvious, but you are aware that the USB and SPDIF ouputs are never enabled simultaneously? And you select either of them in the Lightning DS Additional Operations?
Could you post a screenshot of the top of Hardware Setup screen?

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 3.04.26 PM

Thx Geoff!
I must admit defeat here… :frowning:
The only other thing i can think of is trying a different cable… I suppose you are using RCA or BNC?

Appreciate you looking at this…and I did try a different cable…still not the solution. I have someone at the dealer looking at this and hope to hear something tomorrow. It’s a mystery to me.

Sounds good, let us hear about the results, will you?
This was an odd behaviour, to say the least! :slight_smile:

Ok, Finally got this issue resolved. The unit was an in store demo which was registered to the dealer. The dealer had to ‘reset’ the unit, I believe through Auralic, because there was nothing I had to do. Once they did that, everything was fine. It’s a bit of a mystery to me but it worked.

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