G1 Aries MQA Pass-through with Chord DAC


I have an Aries G1 connected to a Chord Hugo TT2 DAC. How should I set MQA Pass-through?

Thanks, John.

Chord DAC do not support MQA so it is best you disable MQA Passthrough inside ARIES G1.

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What when we set streaming quality on lossless? Better is on or off? What happens then? What is the difference?


I am using Qobuz and mostly hi res but cannot detect a difference in SQ with MQA in by-pass or turned off; however, I’ll follow the advice from Auralic and turn it off. Feeding into Chord M-Scaler and Chord Hugo TT2.


I’m using Tidal and note difference when switch pass-through mode. Even in lossless mode. Hugo2.

In passthrough mode the DAC gets the unmodified 24/44.1 or 24/48 stream from TIDAL with the ultrasonic content still “folded” into the noise floor. When you disable passthrough mode, Auralic applies some proprietary upsampling and filtering to MQA content. That could account for the difference in sound.

I haven’t spent much time testing this out for myself, but I am told that MQA content can sound bright when played back on non-MQA converters, compared to standard PCM content.

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Agreed. I actually prefer to set TIDAL streaming quality to FLAC rather than MQA format at right moment.

Qobuz does not offer any music in the MQA format, so essentially, the Auralic is passing through the file it gets from Qobuz since there is nothing to unfold anyway (unless you have upsampling turned on in the Aries).

I use my G1 connected to a Chord Qutest DAC and, as Xuangian suggested, I have the MQA Passthrough disabled on my Aries and instead let it unfold the MQA files since the Chord does not have this capability.


If you stream music from 2L label (The Nordic Sound) with Qobuz you will get an MQA stream even if Qobuz is not supposed to provide MQA.