FS: Aries G1 in Canada


I bought one recently from forum member. I have decided to move up to a Vega G2. Otherwise the Aries G1 is a brilliant streamer. I just don’t have a need for most of the Aries G1 streaming functionality. Only looking to recoup what I paid $1800 USD, however I am only willing to ship within Canada. So if you are in Canada and looking for a mint condition Aries G1 with all the accessories, hit me up.


Hi @guerph:

If you can not find a proper buyer then simply call our U.S office. We offer trade in the ARIES G1 to VEGA G2 but you know it has to ship to U.S.


No chance I can talk you into NYC if I cover the shipping?


is that a U1 mini sitting on top of the Aries? Can you comment on the differences in SQ?