Folder creation during USB import

I’ve just installed a Samsung SSD Internal Drive in the Aries Mini and used the Import from USB option after Initialisation to get the content on the drive.

No problem regarding adding the content or finally playing, but was wondering if the file structure created when doing such imports can be changed by the user.

When doing the above I’ve noticed a folder is created titled with the Date/Time, in to which the Artists folders are copied, under each artist you then have the Albums that contain the songs.

Can the user do away with the Date/Time folder so the Artist is the top most because that is the structure I’m most used to being an iTunes user and it appears to be the easiest when searching using macOS Finder.

Artist/Album/Song was the format I used when first using the Aries Mini and using content copied on iMac to USB Stick and then simply plugging the loaded stick into back of the Aries.

So, is there a setting to tell LDS what file structure you prefer or do you have to resort to manually changing, and if the structure is altered is there any downsides.

If you dont like the way how folder is created, you can use network to copy music into the ARIES MINI storage, that allows you to create folder in whatever way you want.

The reason I didn’t use the network to copy files across to ssd was because I thought that would be a lot slower than the usb option, especially for the initial batch of 70Gb.

Just wondering if the system allows folders to be managed manually once they are on ssd, if so I can arrange to my liking using macOS Finder App, then once done just use the rescan option in LDS to update the library.

Or to your knowledge will this manual alteration of the file structure over a network from that setup by the initial import cause any kind of issues and is therefore best avoided.

Thanks for the advice.

For anyone else interested it seems the folder structure on the Aries Mini internal SSD can be modified over the network without causing issues, I used macOS Finder to moved and/or deleted folders to my liking.

When complete just “Re-scan All Paths” from Additional Operations under LDS settings and the Library should be updated accordingly, I decided to “Refresh Cache” under the Lightning Server section as well.

I appreciate this may not be new news to most but I couldn’t find any reference to the above being advisable or acceptable, although did find a note under a ReadMe file contained with HDD/SSD folders mentioning “add/edit and remove music files” so assumed same applied to folder management.

You can move the file around, change the folder name without affect the content. Just make sure you click the ‘Rescan’ button after you have made the modifications.

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