[FIXED IN FW 6.2] BBC HD radio stations

Hi, the BBC has launched a number of HD internet radio stations (at higher bit rates than their standard stations). Cannot seem to access any from the G1. Is it possible to get these stations?

Where are you connecting from? HD stations are UK only.


I had a Vega G2 in my lounge last week and now have one on order. I am in the UK and was slightly disappointed to find that although I could access the BBC HD stream for Radio 3 (classical music station), no other BBC stations were available in hd, even though hd streams exist for all the main stations. I think the issue is with vTuner, which only includes BBC Radio 3 in its hd list. I guess I might be able to get round the problem by streaming via MinimServer and MinimStreamer, but it would be a lot neater to be able to access these streams directly. Any chance of lobbying vTuner to provide at least BBC Radio 4 hd?


I found the following links. I have also emailed vtuner to ask them to add. Would help if Auralic also put pressure on too.

BBC Radio 1http://a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/manifesto/audio/simulcast/hls/uk/sbr_high/ak/bbc_radio_one.m3u8

BBC Radio 1Xtrahttp://a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/manifesto/audio/simulcast/hls/uk/sbr_high/ak/bbc_1xtra.m3u8

BBC Radio 2http://a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/manifesto/audio/simulcast/hls/uk/sbr_high/ak/bbc_radio_two.m3u8

BBC Radio 3http://a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/manifesto/audio/simulcast/hls/uk/sbr_high/ak/bbc_radio_three.m3u8

BBC Radio 4http://a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/manifesto/audio/simulcast/hls/uk/sbr_high/ak/bbc_radio_fourfm.m3u8

Can anyone get these links to work with an Auralic device and Lightning DS? It would be helpful to know.

I had feedback from Auralic advising to add the links to my stations. Did that and just get ‘buffering’. This is strange because I can stream the stations perfectly from my Naim Muso via WiFi, so definitely not a problem with my connections. Must be at the Auralic/app end. I also contacted both TuneIn and vtuner and they said the BBC had to provide a request and details for them to include. Tried asking the BBC, but just got a pointless answer thanking me for the suggestion. I feel this is doomed to fail…

Try these links in your list in a web browser. I find they work in Safari, Chrome, Firefox. I haven’t tested others.

Auralic told us that links which work in a browser should work in Lightning DS with an Auralic streamer. In my experience they don’t.

Take a look at this thread: 5.5 Radio problems

If anyone is able to make the links in your list work with an Auralic device and Lightning DS, I’d be grateful for information.

These are the links I refer to:

The links work fine in my browser, but not in the DS app. All I get is ‘buffering’. So the issue has to be with Auralic.

As you can see in the related thread I mentioned, it was suggested that the problem appeared with firmware 5.5. I can’t confirm that point.

For BBC Radio 3 I use a different BBC url which provides HD quality and does work with Lightning DS.

I can’t find equivalent HD streams for other BBC stations. They are all of the type which appears not to work with Auralic/Lightning DS.

It’s a shame no one from Auralic has joined this conversation.

Unfortunately, we are unable to test those radio stations because it is not possible to stream outside UK. We need the station to be accessible either from U.S or China so our team can analysis it and add the support.

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This is the 96Kbps worldwide stream:

The format is identical to the UK HD stream which, as explained earlier in this thread, hasn’t worked since firmware 5.5.

To use the UK HD stream via a web browser, one must disable VPN services. The worldwide stream appears to disregard a VPN service.

For information, this is the Wikipedia page for BBC Radio 3; it includes details of UK and worldwide streams:

The HLS streams are those which don’t work with our Auralic devices/Lightning DS.

If the HLS streams can be made to work once more with Auralic/Lightning DS, https://community.auralic.com/u/Jerningham will have access to UK HD streams for all the BBC stations which offer them.

I’ve just tested the worldwide HLS stream in Safari using a VPN server located in Denver, Colorado. It worked immediately without problems.

Hi, Is anyone at Auralic looking at this and if so is there any update?

Auralic has confirmed they are not working on this. Looks like a dead end.

When I click the link, my Chrome downloads a m3u8 file, when I click the m3u8, it go to iTunes and never play. I assume it needs UK IP to play as well.

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I enabled a VPN with USA server. I used the worldwide link I gave you in Chrome for iOS. It worked immediately in a browser window; iTunes isn’t involved.

I then switched to a UK VPN server. The same worldwide stream worked in Chrome and in Safari.

The BBC doesn’t block VPN addresses accessing the worldwide stream. It does block non-UK addresses and VPN UK addresses from accessing the UK stream.

I can’t speak for Chinese IP addresses; I have no way to test them. Does China block access to the BBC?

You should be able to access the worldwide streams from the USA.

For clarity, this is the worldwide stream address I used:

I still don’t understand why Auralic does not simply ask vtuner to add to the stations they provide. Looking at the vtuner website it makes clear they support services requested by their customers. I assume Auralic is a customer? I find this even more strange because Naim uses vtuner, and all Naim products can stream BBC HD stations directly from the vtuner list.

This is the 320Kbps Radio 3 link that works for me, tried the ones from the Linn site and just get silence, although they work in Safari.



Also discovered this works, Radio Paradise (FLAC).


Get a decent VPN and log on to a server in GB.
Works perfect.