[FIXED IN FW 6.0] Aries G1 issue: Rewind/fast forward controls don’t work with Roon playback


When playing Roon content on the Aries G1 the rewind and fast forward remote controls don’t work (I configured them in the Smart IR setup of the G1). The same remote rewind/fast forward controls do work when playing Lightning DS content.

With the old Aries it is possible to use rewind/fast forward remote controls during Roon playback. I would really love to have this functionality restored.


Thanks for reporting, I am moving this thread to bug tracker so we will include the feature in the future firmware.


Awesome, thanks Xuanqian!


@Xuanqian did you manage to fix this bug in the latest beta? It says in the release notes that you added some remote support for Spotify and the likes.


Installed the latest beta and unfortunately this is not fixed yet.



We have not yet added this to the fix list in 6.0.beta3 yet, this will be in the next version.


Thanks Xuanqian!


Confirmed and will be fixed in next 6.0 release version.


Awesome! Many thanks Xuanqian!

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