[FIXED IN FW 5.2] Device unresponsive if USB DAC do not represent


Description: Streaming device will become unresponsive and need a complete power cycle to bring it back when you use USB DAC as output channel. This happened within an hour after the USB DAC has been physically removed from host streaming device (either unplugged or powered off).

Affected devices: ARIES, ARIES LE, ARIES MINI, ALTAIR, POLARIS if they use USB output

Affected firmware version: All firmwares that support Roon Ready function

Root Reason: While the output sound device does not represent, RoonReady software inside streaming device will quit automatically, however our daemon software will start it again, then it quit, and fall into dead end. When Roon software quit, certain system resources could not be released by our Lightning OS so it just getting worse and worse then lead to system dead lock eventually. This can happen very quickly (within an hour) after you unplugged the USB DAC.

Solution: Disable RoonReady inside Lightning DS device setup if you do not use Roon software. If you need to use Roon software, you need to power down AURALiC streaming device completely after you powered off or unplugged your USB DAC. A future firmware update will fix this problem by preventing RoonReady code start if the USB DAC does not present.

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