[FIXED IN FW 5.1] Altair loses LightningServer Music Library Network Path


I own an Altair and my music library is on a Synology NAS.
After upgrade firmware to v5.0 e LDS to v4.4, LightningServer Music Library loses Network Drive Path if I unmount the drive; so I can’t select the Library on LDS because it’s unavailable (No Disk) and the Network Drive Path in LightningServer is empty, so I have to re-scan and rebuild the library from the start every time (3hours per over 100k tracks).
This also happened a couple of times when I switched from LightningServer to MinimServer or Radio and vice versa.
With the previous version I used to unmount the library drive to allow Synology NAS to go into sleep mode and library was automatically re-mounted every time I turned on Altair (If I put Altair to sleep without unmounting the library drive Synology Nas won’t go into sleep mode).
Is this a bug or new firmware does not allow this feature anymore?
This is very annoying.


Hi, cris:

Yes, the unmount will works in a different way in 5.0 firmware as it now allows multiple of path to be added. And Yes, it will erase all data if you unmount the path manually (it wont erase library if the path is just unreachable). We will see if we can unmount all path when put the device in sleep so it wont effect NAS.


Hi, cris:

Just talked to our software engineer and they are going to add a feature to unmount all network shared folder automatically when you put the machine in put the unit in sleep mode. We are going to add it in firmware 5.1. Thanks for reporting and helping us improve it!


Thank you for your quick response.
Hopefully firmware 5.1 will automatically mount and make available quickly all network shared folders when I power up the machine.


The problem has been fixed in firmware 5.1


Hi, Xuanqian
I confirm that now Altair don’t loses music library, but there is another issue that did not happen with firmware version 5.0 and earlier: previously, when Altair was turn on, the NAS wake-up automatically, probably because Altair sent a ping to it.
Now, with fw 5.1, this don’t happen and I have to wake from sleep the NAS manually.
This is inconvenient.
There would be a way to fix it?


I am afraid there is just no work around at right moment. I do not think we simply use ping to detect if the path is reachable but rather try to use SMB command to mount it.

If the NAS go into sleep, then the path is unreachable through SMB protocol then Lightning Server wont mount it automatically. We have to know which command can trigger NAS wake-up then we can add it to the code.

Have you tried to ping the NAS when it is sleep to wake and confirm it will response to ping command?


Yes, when I ping the NAS from another device it wake up immediately.

Also when I turn on my OPPO BDP-105D the NAS wake up.
In any case, as I have already written, before 5.0, turning on Altair the NAS woke up.

What did the old code do that the new does not?
I would be grateful if you could fix it.


Yes, we will check out what makes the difference.


Thank you.

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