Fix for the freezing problems firmware 6.1 g1

Hi! Any news and eta for the new firmware for the freezing issue with the g1 and g2 6.1 not responding after left unplayed?

I thought it was said a week ago it should come out last week

Please let us know

Thank you

Had contact with X and it is ready and tested now.
Update will be in a few days.

Look at it from the bright side.
People playing vinyl always talk about the benefits form having the ritual of cleaning and putting on the records. Now we have something similar.

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Haha, that’s why I whent all digital😂

Thank you for you’re response sir

How are updates done or installed ? I’ve only had my G1 for about a month so I’m still getting familiar.

Hi, when a update is availble you will be promped with a
Update screen in the app with a question ive you want insrall it now

I’m in the beta program and got 6.1.2 today.
Gone are the freezing moments.