Fix for the freezing problems firmware 6.1 g1

Hi! Any news and eta for the new firmware for the freezing issue with the g1 and g2 6.1 not responding after left unplayed?

I thought it was said a week ago it should come out last week

Please let us know

Thank you

Had contact with X and it is ready and tested now.
Update will be in a few days.

Look at it from the bright side.
People playing vinyl always talk about the benefits form having the ritual of cleaning and putting on the records. Now we have something similar.

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Haha, that’s why I whent all digital😂

Thank you for you’re response sir

How are updates done or installed ? I’ve only had my G1 for about a month so I’m still getting familiar.

Hi, when a update is availble you will be promped with a
Update screen in the app with a question ive you want insrall it now

I’m in the beta program and got 6.1.2 today.
Gone are the freezing moments.

Installen it. I wass in vacation zo ill try it out

The 6.1.2 is now live and no longer in beta :slight_smile:

Hello from Europe / France
i just buy my aries G1 and i have same problem ?
freeze and remote and all button panel also block … need too reboot the marchine :frowning:
I have before a cheaper bluesound node 2 never have any lan problem or idle problem ?
Auralic is top coment and test report on web by specialize press … i buy it for these good review , and two days after i have this problen Knew in your Forum …
Please correct that quickly or i m oblige to
inform my reseller and maybe to return it :frowning: thanks

test after read last post in this forum
i install 6.2 beta version … and i come back for results … soon !

sunday 23h14
sorry but for me this update don’t change / don’t fix the problem :frowning:

Does these freezes happen uring playback or after a power on (from standby or/and power from the back button) ? Did you find a pattern for this behaviour ?

(Tes problèmes de freeze apparaissent quand tu lis de la musique ou seulement en sortie de veille ou après un allumage par le bouton arrière ? Tu as pu remarquer une situation particulière ou cela arrive à chaque fois ?)

Hello deuch
the test … after freeze i use the power button on the back on !

i boot the G1 and it play well … i stop the music ( pause) and do nothing else and wait …
about 30 minutes about it freeze again and impossible to do anything without !
i have 2 srteam providers Inside and a DD acces on my window 7 computer and a end point Roon
i m box user in France with provider ADSL Free Box revolution my lan is directly on box to g1
thanks for your help

hello I did tests again yesterday and I managed to spend the evening without problem :upside_down_face::wink:… amazing I hope that it will last

Maybe some heat problem ?

hi deuch
no heat :-)))
I think there was a software instability, the latest firmware may not have been integrated the first time … it works for the moment and I am very happy with this aries G1 thank you for your attention

I hope it will continue that way (je te dis merde :slight_smile: )


yesterday night i put my g1 on sleep by the app …

this morning impossible to Wake up … i dont see it in the app ?
all buttons are block ? only one way the power button on the back !!
i don’t understand how work the g1 when you dont use it ?
exple : 1 play music and stop to listen music … you let in stand by awake or put in sleep ?

I always put it in sleep

i do that too :-// it’s strange !

maybe a factory reset ?
just a question the beta firmware is erased and i need to update
the firmware stay a the las update 6.1.2 ?

I have an ARIES G1, when I stop listening music I put the ARIES G1 in Sleep mode, then the DAC in standby mode, and the preamp. stays powered but I put the volume to zero, put the mute on and take off the button lights display, my amp. stays powered all the time also.
I do so since ever and no issues the G1 getting frozen.