First AURALiC ARIES G2 - HiFi Choice Five Star Review & Front Cover



First AURALiC ARIES G2 five star review is out now! Also featured on the front cover of the Christmas edition of Hifi Choice Magazine. (Please click the following high-res pictures for detailed reading)

‘What the Aries G2 does is take every aspect of network audio that the brand has been perfecting with its previous products and places all of its know-how into a seriously accomplished piece of hardware.’

‘The Lightning DS app leaves most rivals standing in terms of its responsiveness’

Aries G2 can not detect my DAC with the DAC USB output

Congratulations AURALiC, Xuanquian and crew. Well deserved. The ARIES G2 is stellar in my system!


Great to hear Peter. Hope you enjoy the ARIES G2 more!


I wonder that the original ARIES seems to be completely ignored in he article. It brings most of the features into a price range under 1000 Euros in case of LE version.

I hope you won’t forget this price range in the future :slight_smile: A perfect product range in my opinion would cover a compatible multi room setup with “SONOS priced” components for kitchen, bathroom, etc. combined with high end range products like the ARIES, ARIES G2, etc. for living room, music room, …

Anyway, congratulations, good work and the right way into the future!