Firmware 6.3 Sonics

I just installed FW 6.3. I notice my Mini still is using Comcast’s DNS instead of Google’s. However, the sonic improvements in 6.3 are quite delightful. Spoken/ sung esses are clearer and yet sweeter. More inner details reveal themselves. Soundstage is quite panoramic and deeper and taller. Clarity and separation of instruments in all ranges is quite apparent. A lot more musical information is being presented. Overall, the music is more immersive and “in the room.” It would seem that the engineers of Auralic keep listening and improving the sound quality of their product. Another welcome improvement, well done.


This still is a beta , i still use standard version 5.6.1. In order to avoid bugs That improvement shall wait until v 6 becomes available as standard version.


It’s kind of confusing because Auralic designates their device firmware and Lightning Server software similarly. I notice that, for the Mini, the release version of device firmware is still 5.8. The release version of LDS software is 5.6. ( I am using LDS 5.6.1, which is a beta version.)

New beta device firmware version 6.3 was released on 3/17. I found the brief release notes here:

I haven’t encountered any issues with this device firmware. And the audio quality improvements are quite good and immediately noticeable. 6.2.1 device firmware was the release version for most Auralic hardware except the Mini. 6.2.1 sounds great. 6.3 sounds better still. Night and day better than device firmware 5.8. I don’t understand why the Mini release firmware stopped at 5.8. Perhaps it’s because the unit was discontinued. I feel fortunate because the firmware keeps getting better and better.

My apologies for any confusion.

I am beta tester and I can not upgrade Altair G1 to 6.3 firmware.
Is the number of beta testers limited?

Hi, Aurelv…

I just looked here:

and it looks as though all the G1/G2 devices are still at 6.2.1. Perhaps 6.3 will be made available for the G’s in a few days. A good question for Engineering…

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Firmware 6.3 for Altair G1 is on site but I can not upgrade. Maybe is a mistake.

Have installed 6.3 on my Aries Femto and can confirm all seems to be working as expected with no apparent downsides. Upgrade was quick - took less than a minute from start to finish (including the time taken to complete a reboot).

Wasn’t really running into Qobuz issues prior, however good to see this platform being maintained for those that were experiencing problems before.

On the webapp it says I am on 6.3 but on the iOS app it says 5.6.1 - so which is it?

6.3 is firmware, LDS is 5.6.1

Hi, Mikey…

As Aureiv says, you have the latest User Interface software for iOS which is LDS 5.6.1 and the latest version of firmware that the Auralic processing/streaming hardware runs on. That is Firmware version 6.3.

It’s all very good. I use the “Precise” filter mode because I like the way it sounds. And since my DAC runs at only 44,48, 88 and 96 I set 176 to resample integrally to 88, and 192 to 96, and so on.

Hope this helps clarify a bit further.

Hey , you are right 6.3 is now standard version ( not any longer beta ) and the improvements are quite noticeable on my aries mini.

6.3 on my Mini here I am beta and have no idea when the switch happened so can’t say if it improved sonics or not. But my system is sounding great overall.

Hi, everyone…

It’s great to hear that 6.3 is being well received and enjoyed. Thanks for responding and keeping this thread alive. I’m curious to get the reports from “G” series owners once 6.3 is released for the “G” series equipment. In my system 6.3 sounds “Siriusly” good. Thanks to Auralic for the continuous improvements.

Can you please tell me (us) in what way sonics are improved?