File Structure Polaris


I just received my Polaris streamer amp DAC. I normally use Roon, but would like to tinker with the Lightning DS app. Is there a preferred file structure to store music files for the app? Should all files be contained in one large folder and then broken down in a sub- folders by Artist/Album, or are subfolders such as CD, Hi Res, DSD, with subfolders acceptable. In essence how does an attached SSD/HDD drive get viewed by the Polaris firmware…thank you.


The built-in server software of Polaris use folder as basic unit for a single album. As long as you put all tracks belong to one single album in same folder then it will be fine. For the rest (folder structure), it does not matter at all.


Thank you.


Any specific drive format? I have several drives of music files created on an imac, but sometimes equipment is sensitive to how the drive is formatted (e.g., FAT 32, exfat, etc). The Polaris didn’t accept the music on one of my drives, but seemed ok with another.


FAT32, NTFS, even Apple HFS+ all works. exFAT seems to be a bit tricky.


Thank you. Formatting into NTFS worked great.