Feature request: Automatic switching to "Digital output"

@Xuanqian, would it be possible to make setting of output a preference? So that it falls back to Digital output, if my preferred USB DAC is powered down or unplugged?

In my scenario i have a Nagra HD DAC connected to the USB DAC output of my Aries G1. On the digital outputs i have an Audiobyte Black Dragon as well as my preferred headphone amp, the Moon 430HAD. When i sit down to really listen to music, i power up the Nagra, but at other times, when i just want some good sounding music, i turn on the Audiobyte.
Problem is i have to dig into the menys and Additional Operations of the Aries if i used the USB output the last time.
Why not make the Aries default to a usable output, if your preferred output is not available?


This idea sounds reasonable. A feature nice to have - as long as it‘s free of charge :wink:

No, we are not going to that, it was considered back to year 2013 when we designed first generation of ARIES and the clear answer is No.

Well, that was definitive? :wink:
Another option would be making the selection of output more readily availalable from within Lightning DS. As of now there are a multitude of clicking to get to this particular setting, thats is the reason i asked for this in the first place! :slight_smile:

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I second this. Something more convenient for those that want to run 2 DACs.

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Because everytime after enjoyed your music, you may turn off your DAC and you may turn off your ARIES, then the device will jump back to digital output. Most people only have one DAC and no one maybe just a few people want to select USB output every single time when they try to listen music.