Ethernet Isolator on Aries G1?

Some users have reported better sound over WiFi than Ethernet, the presumed reason being isolation from noise that might be on the Ethernet cable.

That being the case, would something like this Ethernet isolator (EMO EN-70) possibly be useful with the Aries G1, or does the Aries G1 have something like it built in?


The Ethernet norm already implement some kind of filtering but it can not be sufficient in some use case and it depends of the manufacturer good will. For eg, for some netgear switch, you have a good one and for other model you have a basic one (and it’s not related to the price of the switch).

Same thing with the network card.

This isolator is generally use in hospital with medical imagery or in very polluted environment.

The best is to try it to check if it helps or not in you system. There is no simple rule for that topic :grinning:

I have a couple of these units in my hifi chain and around PLan connections to the router. Helps the AQVox switch quite effectively i would say

I fully agree on that.

Best friends are forever :dancing_men:


This one may be more suitable for your use if you want to try it:

For more informations about a clean ethernet signal and tweaking:

Thanks to all for the replies. Yes, to listen for one’s self is always a good idea.

I observed that EMO (who make the unit I referenced) also supply isolators that can be built into other manufacturers’ gear. I’d be interested to know whether Auralic uses some such part already in the ARIES G1 (and their other units with Ethernet sockets).

Some reading :

Interesting reading from the Roon forum. Thanks to @deuch for the link.

I briefly have compared WiFi and Ethernet operation of the Aries and Aries G1 and never heard repeatable differences in sound quality. I will say, though, that I am not the type of person who can listen to the same track over and over again, focusing on possible deltas. When I try, my head feels about to explode, and I have a powerful urge to do anything else.

My interest in this came after a discussion elsewhere. That, and having no obvious way to indulge my tweaking urge without spending a lot of money. In the frame of audiophilia, Ethernet isolators are relatively cheap – though perhaps the money would better be donated to charity.

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What’s bother me is that there is no informations at all about how the galvanic isolation is done. And regarding the high frequency range filtered, there is no number at all …

A test on ASR :

And the EDIT of the first with some differences :

Normally with stuff will not harm your system. It’s more a safety product (depends how it is build). But you have to use it at close as possible of your streamer (or the network product you want to protect/improve) with a very short cable :grinning:

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