Equalizer Settings on Aries G1

Did anyone managed to use this feature - ?

Would anyone have some parameter settings available to make the audio - well say increase the soundstage / treble or bass ?

Once you enable the "equalizer - then you are offered the option for “Auto Gain Adjustment” …if we select this - you can then key in the Center Frequency / Gain / Q Factor etc etc "

…sorry I cannot correctly “decipher” the meaning of all these …would Xuanqian please offer full info / manual on these settings ?

It is a normal parametric EQ, if you know how to operate it then it is nothing difference from a physical one. The EQ should be used to correct imperfect room acoustic only and I would not use it to change the sound. Every single process introduce some kind of distortion so unless it is necessary, I would not use it.

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Thank you once again!