"Enable Volume Control" - on or off in Aries Mini?

Hi gyus,
Please advise which setting is better in terms of sound quality of Aries Mini (build-in DAC):

  1. Enable Volume Control = off (volume greyed and set to 100)
  2. Enable Volume Control = on / Type: hardware (volume set to 90-95)

Off :slight_smile:

But did you hear a difference between 95 and 100 ?

Difficult to test. I gave 95 as an example.

Generally speaking it’s better to avoid digital volume control.

The support site of Auralic say this :

I you have the mini, try it :slight_smile:

Thanks. However the article says about software control. I wonder about hardware.

I’ve always understood that as long as you have the volume set to 100% at the bottom of the screen when playing, then you have the best quality.

Turning off “Enable Volume Control” disables the option to control said volume, as you say it gets greyed out or locked. It appears the buttons on the Mini also get disabled by the option.

I’m unsure about “Volume Control Type”, it shows Hardware and Software for the Mini, but I always thought that was for devices with a traditional volume knob, it could be linked to the Mini’s button though.

“Maximum Volume” sets the upper limit, I believe via software, and therefore slightly degrades the sound if enabled and may prevent playing of certain files.

I have my Mini set to 100% on the play screen, Volume Control Type on Hardware (not sure that makes any difference though) and Maximum Volume left at 100. You can turn off Enable Volume Control if you feel it’s in danger of being turned down by accident when playing music, but I just leave it enabled because it’s useful for quick access to reduce volume in the event of phone calls etc.


If I’ve got anything wrong I’m sure someone will correct me, but hope this helps.

Option 1 (fixed line level for external amplification)


Following post by @KJH I wanted to check what would happen on my Mini if you had the volume set at say 50% and then went into LDS Settings and turned off “ Enable Volume Control”, after a long pause (and silence) the music continued but at the higher 100%, which was confirmed when going back to the play screen with the volume bar greyed out at 100.

If you go back and turn on “Enable Volume Control” again, after a short delay the level goes back to the setting you had previously, in my case back to 50%.

So it appears whatever you have previously configured, simply turning off that setting defaults everything back to “straight through” fixed output as @KJH and @deuch have already stated.

Thanks @KJH & @SiHancox for checking. I was understood that setting amplification to max level leads to distortions etc, but I might be wrong. I am also thinking about the power - doesn’t maximum amplification drain much power? Similar to what can we read on this forum about disk drives overloading power circuit of Mini…


I believe the max output of the Mini is the industry standard 2V, similar to CD Players with unbalanced outputs, so I’m doubtful that would overload the input of your amplifier which is usually designed for said standard.

Not sure about power drain difference at 100% volume compared to say 80%, but would consider that it’s only a small part of what consumes energy within the device, and it’s mains connected (not battery) with the provided power supply that must of been designed to take all this into account.

It has been my understanding from following posts on the mini that the less u ask your mini to do the better the sound, the point being is the more the mini’s limited resourcs can focus on processing the signal as opposed to handling something like volume.
I have my volume off and feed the signal to the excellent preamp in my PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell dac via an entry level audioquest USB and I find the sound very satisfying.

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