Electrical noise....maybe Ethernet?

Hi all,

I’m currently using Ethernet connection from router to Vega G2 (connected to Leo). Once in a while I have slight electrical noise coming through speakers even when music is not being played.

Do you think this is from Ethernet connection and any recommendations on how to fix? I am currently not using any power cleaners and everything is plugged directly to wall.

Easy preliminary troubleshooting: Does the noise stop when you unplug the ethernet cable?

Hi Pete,

No noise without ethernet. I know a big source of this noise has to do with router since if I put a hockey puck underneath, the noise is further reduced but not always eliminated.

When I ran my system via wifi (Aries Femto then G2 Aries), I did not experience any noise…unless an ethernet cable is connected to Aries G2, then noise can appear.

Hi all and thanks to Pete for replying. I called PS Audio to determine if a power regenerator may help. They directed me to their site for some further troubleshooting, likely ground loops which regenerators will not fix. I copied below for all your use. I will do some troubleshooting tonight after work.

I think the noise I am experience has to be ethernet related noise which is why Auralic recommends using Wifi. Personally, I prefer the sound via ethernet connection. As another Auralic G2/GX owner mentioned, maybe a bit more detail with Wifi but the devil is also brightness. Has anyone tried using the below product from DJM? Supposedly better than standard FMCs.

https://donaldscarinci.com/djm-electronics-gigafoilv4-inline-filter/Preformatted text


I did not try the Gigafoil, but here you can read a lot about the v4:

Ciao, Huite

What type of Ethernet cable(s) have you tried? Are you possibly using a heavily shielded cable with metal plugs?

You could also start by trying cheaper alternative, like the Baaske MI 1005, which also has good reviews…

Thank you all for your replies. Last night, doing more trouble shooting, I disconnected the HDMI cable from router side to Vega (but still connected to Vega) and the noise still continued. This slight static/crackle. I think that means it’s likely coming from Vega G2. I vaguely remember Xuanqian recommending having Leo on different circuit. Wonder if it causes ground loop otherwise.

KJH, I’m using the Audioquest Diamond Ethernet cable and it does have metal plugs (Telegartner), and I’m sure it is heavily shielded. However, if I disconnect the router end of the cable, the signal is broken and noise should stop so amazingly I think this indicates the noise is not Ethernet related.

Hi, I would be inclined to remove the audioquest cable and try a simple cat5e patch lead with plastic plugs and re-test…

I don’t know for sure, but an inexpensive, unmanaged, ethernet switch might help isolate (router to switch, switch to VEGA.

Fiber would isolate the router electrically from the VEGA. I use a pair of TP-Link Media Converters:

The MC200CM, but the MC100CM would work just as well (there are also some other, cheaper brands). Connect them with a length of fiber and the whole package is around $125. Since the electrical signal is converted to light pulse then back to electrical, any noise from the router would not travel to the VEGA and, I assume, it would break any ground loops that travel on the ethernet cable.

You might troubleshoot and find a way to eliminate the noise without cost, but the change to fiber lowered the overall noise floor for me and is a worthy tweak regardless.

I will try that tonight KJH. The only thing is it seems that may not be the cause since when I disconnect the cable from the router, the noise is still present.

Thank you very much Pete and KHS! I can certainly try both suggestons. I am still puzzled if it is Ethernet related though since when I disconnect the cable from router, the noise is still present.

I’m confused. Are you saying the noise is present when you unplug from the router and goes away when plugged into the router but not the VEGA?

Sorry for confusion. I disconnected the ethernet cable from router to Vega (only disconnected the router end of cable but left the Vega end connected) but the noise is still present. Just disconnecting it from router should break the signal and still noise is present. That’s why I am not sure if it is ethernet related.

Ok, Emily Litella moment: “Nevermind!” Back to troubleshooting closer to the VEGA.

How about running a long extension cord to another circuit for just the VEGA - just to test.

Also, did you try running without the LEO in the mix?

No and very good suggestions Pete. I will try tonight and report back. Appreciate everyone’s time!

How about you actually try and disconnect the Ethernet cable on the Vega side of things. Or use a plastic plugged Ethernet cable. The Audioquest Diamond Ethernet cable is a shielded cable that has it’s shielding connected to the metal telegartner plugs (as far as I can tell). The shielding could actually function as an antenna and introduce noise (although I do believe the Vega G2 has a galvanic isolated Ethernet port, which should mean this sort of noise should not be introduced).

Offcourse it could also be a faulty component in your hifi chain or simply a miss match between components.

So just an update for all the kind folks that cared to give advice. I didn’t have a chance to test yesterday but the night before, I tried the following: when system first starts up, amp, Vega G2/Leo, linear power supply powering NAS and router, no noise at all. Once music flows through system, noise starts. Noise does not change with volume change. I figured I start with isolating integrated amp. While still on, I yanked out the RCA interconnects…noise still there. I called my integrated tube amp tech support the next day, they asked how is my system setup exactly. He then said to move router further away from tube integrated amp since signal tubes can act as antenna and pickup noise. I will try this weekend and report back.

Thanks for the update.

Of course, everything is worth a try. But I don’t see the logic. If the router and amp are interfering with each other, that should be true whether the music is on or not.

What are the variables that change when music is started or stopped? Maybe the signal from the NAS is only present when it is called to transmit music files?

Is there a way you can play music from a drive, your computer, or something other than the NAS, but still have it go through the router? That would test whether the NAS is at issue or not.

Keep us posted!