Editing music tags within Lightning DS?

A very welcome addition to LDS would be the possibility to edit, even mass-edit, music tags as LDS music library relies heavily on metadata tags. I often see mis-tagging in my Music Library and I am frustrated not being able to correct them straight away. Is this considered ?

In the meantime, what is you preferred method to correct tagging in your Music Library with your Ipad ? There are loads of tag editor for IOS, but less with a tablet ergonomy, and far less (none ?) with direct remote NFS or Lightning server data access !

Not a bad idea at all, but I‘m afraid it wouldn‘t work because Lightning Server (wich runs inside your streaming device) retrieves the metadata from the source without being designated to edit them - and LDS‘s mission is merely to be Lightning Server’s remote control software. So LDS can hardly offer a doorway to write into any metadata. (Unless Xuanqian corrects me).


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The music database is stored in the iPad/iPhone. So i think that it will be possible to edit the tags … same thing for a picture of the artist. It requires slight changes in the database structure. But a database is meant for that, structure change :grinning:

Well, the changes in local database should be then retrofitted to FLAC metadata… Changes cannot be localized to local database, because they will be overrided by the next media scan… IMO changes have to be made in FLACS, on remote storage and this is the difficulty. BTW no suggestion for an independant tagger on IOS which recognize remote storages ?

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Yes, maybe, but in my understanding those changes, f at all possible, would leave the original metadata in the source unmodified.

EDIT: As moonray already stated.

Why it will be deleted with the next scan ? You have the reference of the file and enriched metadata, so I do not see why the data will be lost. Indeed, the local files will not be modified, but all the extra data will be kept.

People asked to not have write permissions for Aries smb user :slight_smile: now it’s read-only mode :slight_smile:

The LDS application can instruct the Auralic device to modify the remote file too … it’s just an api call and adding a tool that can modify files metadatas. But again, more stuff in the device,more bugs etc …

The easy way is to do it externally maybe ? With YATE for MacOS for eg.

It seems that Roon use external metadata too : https://kb.roonlabs.com/Editing

That’s a substantial argument.

BTW, @SiHancox convinced me of Metadatics for Mac OS, a strong editor and easy to handle.


So, nothing on IOS ? The goal is to edit from my sofa, with the same device as LDS, straight away, when I am listening…

I certainly understand this request, but as an Auralic customer, I have to respectably disagree with this feature request. I would not want Auralic getting into the business of adding a personal collection music tag editor to their software.

I know nothing about whether there are Apple iOS apps available to maintain personal music file collections. In your case, I guess ths would be nice.

My personal music collection is all 16/44.1 FLAC rips of my CD collection. I use the following software on Windows to create/maintain this collection.

  • dBpoweramp Music Converter & CD Ripper
  • dBPoweramp add-on (PerfectTunes) which has the “ID Tags” editor
  • FreeFileSync (which is a fantastic incremental backup program to save a backup copy of any changes I make to my primary collection on the internal SSD drive in a Mini)

The “CD Ripper”, “ID Tags” and “Batch Converter” programs in dbPowerAmp are so simple tpo use once you have them setup. If I see a problem in my collection while using LDS, I make note of it and go to my Windows laptop later and fix it with “ID Tags”. I then run FreeFileSync" to archive the change to my backup copy.

I don’t use Roon ad never plan to use it. I stick with LDS because for me it is fast, lean and just plain works fantastic for me. The last thing we want is for Auralic to become bloatware.

Again, I am not being disrespectful of you request. Just providing my opinion.


Keep LDS lean and mean. If you want features then come on over to Roon and enjoy the bloated glory of customized control over your own personal library.:sunglasses:

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Amen to that :slight_smile:

Me too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Exactly how I think about it. It would be welcome to know more about how Auralic devices handle metadata (for instance how to’s about how multi album titles are indexed, tracks with more genres, et cetera)

You will have to have @Xuanqian explain one more time. As I understand it is does not do much. It is very basic search and find and play albums. The only metadata is what ever is there when you bring your music into LDS.

@Mlmowery What I mean for example:

  • I have a folder/directory on my NAS with single tracks (not complete albums), when I view the Lightning DS Artist list there’s one entry shown with all artists from that directory semi-colon separated (although I didn’t tag them as compilation neither the album artist tag of the tracks were the same)
  • I have one directory with 4 subdirectories (4 cd -box), 1 for each cd, in Lightning DS albumview I don’t want to see them as 4 seperate cd’s/albums (I tagged them as 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4 and 4 of 4 discs)
  • Some music I want to have more than 1 genre (how do I tag them so that I can find those tracks using separated genre tags: not selfmade combinated genre tags, when doing so they also become a genre on its own)?

For the multi CD part, it already exist in LDS and it works. You need to create some subfolder with a numeric series like CD01 CD02 CD03 … And you will see only 1 album with multiple CD in it.