Duplicate Songs in Lightning DS after scanning

Hi, I am newly join this community forum, I have had Lightning DS v.5.4 installed in my old iPhone 6 Plus . My previous music server is SONOS connect. I will receive my Aries Mini very soon.

Here’s my problem when I add music library from my network server (WD MyCloud), after scanning, I noticed there are many repeated same songs (upto five, six ) in one album eg. the album suppose to have 15 songs, now turn 15 x 6 = 90 songs. Could it due to genres that I have added (ripped CD from iTunes)?

Looking for option/checkbox on duplicate songs (like in Logitech Music Server) but can’t find it in Lightning DS

Please advise how to overcome duplicate songs.

You really should remove the duplicates from your source files? Can you verify that there are only one version of one of your six-fold examples?
I am not familiar withWD MyCloud services, but i’d look into Minim Server or similar if you are not planning to use the Lightning server built into the Aries Mini.

“If you go looking for trouble, you’ll find it” :slight_smile:

Hi AlfaGTV,

There is only single song file each in my network music folder, SONOS apps also display single song. Could the music tag/genres on this music album, eg. FLAC; jazz; audiophile; etc. multiply the songs ?

Alternatively, I am getting internal SSD to copy and save all my songs there as backup. My worry it will be the same result ?

I have no idea how WD MyCloud UPnP/DLNA service work, sorry…
Try a “proper” UPnP server like Twonky, or just sit back and wait for your Mini to arrive, then configure its Lightning Server to look at the shares provided by the WD MyCloud instead, it’ll most likely work a whole lot better.

And yes, you could definently install an internal SSD/Harddrive in the Mini for storing your music files. I would rather not see it as backup though, instead i’d backup to the MyCloud but that s really up to you and what works best.

Thanks for your advise, will wait until my Mini arrive and check again.

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Did you check the tags of the album ? Track numbers, disc numbers etc ? It can be a tag issue.

With Aries mini, you do not have option to backup the internal disk to an another location.
You will have to do it by yourself with a script or task in a computer for example.

Install Minimserver on your NAS. Or Twonkymedia. Problem will go away.

I am using wd mycloud . No problem of duplicate file. No need to install serverapp, the dlna works perfectly well. If the files are ok on your wd mycloud device , the duplicate you may see on auralic are due to wrong attempts to connect your nas, try re-indexing , will cure your issue.
Read carefully the online help. (Link below)

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Thanks for the link and advise. Will take a look when I am back home . What’s your version of Lightning DS? Mine is V.5.4 installed in iPhone 6 Plus.

It seems the menu slightly not the same as the link , will check again when I am back. Thanks again.

Also using lightning ds 5.4 , so don’t worry. You mustgo to the additional operations menu.

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Hi Kennerboy, everything is fine now after I received my Aries Mini, follow step by step instruction given in Lightning DS. After power setup, network setup, redevelop new library setup, music file index, all done within an hour with 20k songs scanned and indexed.

Many thanks to all advise and kind assistance

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