DSP Roon or LIghtning App

I prefer a very slight bass boost when listening. There is an equalizer in both Room and Lightning. Which one to use? Does it make any difference? Does the Lightning Equalizer even work when using Roon?


Both LDS and Roon have Parametric EQs to boost or attenuate. Roon eq happens Before the stream enters your device so it will not work in LDS. The LDS adjusts the music after it enters your device so this will carry over to Roon. I have to say trying to make EQ adjustments or Up-Sampling in LDS is such a pain compared to doing it in Roon. Roon also allows you to save multiple custom presets.

Thank you that answers all my questions.


I thought I read somewhere here that if you are using Roon, all functions of LDS are bypassed. I wondered about this because if you have set a 1 sec delay in LDS and a 1 sec delay in Roon, would you actually have a 2 sec delay using Roon or would it be the 1 sec that was set in Roon app? Maybe @Xuanqian would be kind enough to clarify/confirm this for us? I think that any DSP setting in LDS will be independent from and not add to any DSP setting in Roon. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

The delay part is a good question as I wondered about that as well but there is not visual confirmation that it is happening other than setting it up in the app. The Up-Sampling I know takes place in LDS and Roon dectects it and verifies it in the signal path in Roon. Now, I am using the Vega (1st version) which is Roon tested Dac so I don’t know if is specific to this or if it doesn’t mater which Dac one uses.

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If you use Roon exclusively, I would suggest you to do the DSP inside Roon rather than inside our device.

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@Xuanqian, That brings me to a question I am confused about in LDS. Did you say the Vega up samples everything to 385K without touching anything in LDS? If I play 44.1k file it displays 44.1K on the Vega not 385K. So does the up sampling happen afterwards? Or do I need to upsample in LDS?

The VEGA’s internal upsampling is by hardware, rather than Lightning related software. So even you use Roon Ready, the VEGA will still do the upsampling. It is not upsampling to 385K, it is to a frequency only accepted by DAC. If you use VEGA with Lightning DS, you wont actually see the upsampling option because it has been taking care of by the hardware already.

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No wonder it sounds so good and without upsampling in Roon.

@Mlmowery Hi Michael. I confirmed today that Roon does indeed use the delay settings that were set on my Aries. If you have set a delay on your Aries than there is no need to also set a delay in Roon, if you do the delays will be additive.

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Thank you

Btw LDS sound slightly better than Roon. When listening to acoustical music…more precision, slightly better staging.

I agree with you, however based on what I hear it is easy to imagine that the sound difference will be very dependent upon the overall system character, especially speakers/room. I have some recordings that sound better through Roon but I prefer the majority using my Aries “straight up.” It’s nice to have the option of using either.

If you use Roon exclusively, I suggest you do all signal processing inside Roon rather than inside our device side.

@Xuanqian Nice to see you posting again. Hope all is well.