Do You Recommend the Taurus MKII?

Hello Community

I need to add headphones to my system, and I’d like to stick with Auralic products. I have no way to demo amps right now so I’m seeking feedback on the VegaG2/Taurus MKII pairing. Also, just out of curiosity, am I going to be disappointed going from a traditional 2 channel system to headphones, or will I be pleasantly surprised?

Tito I have jumped in and out of headphones several times. I had some of the very best headphones available and just could not fall in love. I just like listening to speakers better. I did in one incarnation have the Taurus MK II and it was awesome. My recommendation would be to go slow and buy some headphones and use them on your phone first before spending big bucks for a set up that you end up selling for a loss. But of course you are not me and maybe none of this happens to you. Good luck.

If you seek a headphone amp first and pre amp second then the MkII is a good choice. If you wanted a Pre amp first and a headphone amp second then I would say find a Taurus Pre if you want to stay with all AURALiC.

Thanks you guys. Reading through some threads here it appears maybe a G2 headphone amp will be made available one day. Until then, the Taurus MKII will be my amp. Thanks for your inputs.

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