DLNA / JRiver: any way?


Was dismayed to unbox my G1 and find there is no support for DLNA and thus JRiver. I already see it’s pointless to request DLNA support as there have been previous discussions surrounding it and AURALic have decided not to support it, so this is an alternate question:

Before I consider returning the G1 for a refund, does anybody have a working solution for how I can use JRiver/JRemote and get music to the G1? Third party software layers etc???

Thanks, in advance!


You can use Jriver as a media library for the G1. You just cant use Jriver to control your Aries.
Lightning DS is a great app if you’re a “bad Apple” :wink:
If not, Linn Kazoo does fine!


As you saw from my other topic, cannot use Lightning DS because G1 doesn’t support read only shared folders :confused: Starting to think I made a poor purchase choice… some very peculiar decisions made by AURALiC here as they are deliberately shrinking their userbase with these restrictions when it would be very simple just to add support for DLNA (and read only folders).


:slight_smile: I see your Point!
Now, let’s try and clear things up.
If you intend to use the Aries G1 as a server of your library i understand. But that part is called Lightning Server and is not related to this.

If you use Lightning DS or Linn Kazoo apps, both can read the library of your JRiver installations UPnP function, and play Music through your Aries G1.

Have i understood correctly?


I simply want to use the G1 as a renderer under JRiver’s (JRemote) control.

Oh, I just spotted, as you say Lightning DS can access JRiver over UPnP - I had missed this due to the failure to set up the server…

The primary reason for using JRiver is that I have many custom menus that I use to get the most from my library, eg “New Albums”, “Top Rated Albums”, “Top Rated by Year” and so on and so forth.

Having just set up Lightning DS I can see these menus under “Browse by Folder”, so we are getting there!

Let me have a play and see how things look…

many thanks for getting me to this point! :slight_smile:


OK, so it’s usable, but not perfect. Using the “Browse by Folders” I get access to all my custom menus from JRiver, however the Lightning DS interface is slow to drill into with many thousands of artists in the collection and imposes its own sorting at various levels, which overrides my custom display methods leading to a less functional experience…

But at least one step forward…


Not sure how this plays out, but Lightning DS caches your JRiver library locally on your iPad/iPhone. I have about 100K tracks in my lib and Lightning DS is quick and nimble either when using my Minim server or the Lightning Server. The latter offers a lot more options when sorting and browsing but as we both have seen, Lightning Server requires write/modify-rights on the shares which is a major PITA and quite unacceptable.
I am using a iPad 2018 which is nice and responsive though…


OK, so I have now set up JRiver to serve all my custom menus to the “Browse Folder” option in Lightning DS and I can now access my library as I need to, even if it isn’t with my preferred app, JRemote. That’s good enough to keep going for now.

Slightly related, because of this issue I tested Roon over the weekend (which I really like) and found that Roon’s upsampling sounds better to my ears than the G1’s. So, I may well end up using Roon as my preferred interface, and use Lightning DS direct to my JRiver server as and when I need.

Would still prefer that the G1 supported DLNA rendering so I could use my controller of choice, but for now “I’m there”, so thanks for you help.