Display PDF booklet in Lightning DS iOS App


A cool feature will be to be able to display pdf booklet stored with the music file directly in the Lightning iOS app.



Thanks for the post! We will discuss about this


Qobuz already have this feature, most to their classical music. Works excellent in Aries.


Any news for this feature ? Soon has it but open iBook each time to read the booklet … No very handy. If you can provide an internal PDF reader for that without leaving Lightning DS, it will be perfect !

But be aware, some PDFs are very huge (100MB and more).

Thanks !


True, the PDF reader is a bit complicated and we also to evaluate the stability of the APP if we try to put in the PDF function.


Hi @Jian.Shao,

For example Roon shows the attached ‘PDF’ and once users click on it will automatically launch a compatible program such as acrobat reader. It is just display a link will do if there’s a PDF file inside the folder containing music files. Thanks


Thanks for the suggestion MusicEar. Can’t guarantee anthing right now but we will sure to look into this.


Roon does that but it’s painfull because it wtich to an another application (iBooks or other) and you have to return to Roon App every time you read a PDF.

A better way is to use an embedded PDF player in Lightning DS. How dos it works with Qobuz in Lightning DS ?


Hello any news to this feature ? A first shot with on opening in Safari or PDF reader can be a good start ? Like Roon for eg.



This function appears to be not possible at right moment but we are seeking if there is a way to simulate the booklet and let Lightning DS to read it like Qobuz now.


Roon open it in Safari in fact … But you can came back to LDS with the top left icon to go back to previous application.

It can be a solution for a first shot ? Even if it’s outside of the main application ?


No news ? I start to have so much booklet that i can not use …


This is very complicated to achieve at right moment because it requests a change on both Lightning DS, Lightning Server and Lightning Renderer! The iOS team member is busy working to fix the crash bug so we need to wait till we have time to add this feature.


An update here, we are going to add this feature in the next a couple of months. The Lightning Server will scan particular PDF file as booklet. Lightning DS will be able to show a bookmark icon when booklet is available. Click the bookmark icon will lead to a new popup window showing the PDF. It is the sam principle like Qobuz booklet.

This feature will request both Lightning DS and device firmware update, we are expecting to have it in next two or three months.


Thanks ! Great job ! The name of the file will be Booklet.pdf or something like that ? I’ve already have hundred of files with this name :grinning:


Yes, that’s what we are planning to use.


Hello, any update on this ?


Not yet, still try to work out the last features of 6.0 firmware. We have two features in pipeline now waiting after 6.0 firmware, one is to display radio station cover artwork on G series front display and another one is this feature.


Hello Xuanqian, i see it takes more time than initially forecasted to release final v6. Have any update about this ? I am impatient to read the pdf…


We have done development of this feature inside our firmware but it will require integration from Lightning DS side. The feature will be included in final version of 6.0 firmware but will request next Lightning DS version to become available inside App.