Display off on a timer

Tbqh I still don’t. But I have reached a certain point that I can’t be bothered anymore. I have been consistently active on these boards and have been giving feedback to help create a better product experience. You have made it quite clear that based on the amount of requests you don’t care about this feature. I respect that, but you have been giving us false information more then a year ago stating you would begin working on a fix. While admittedly you haven’t even started yet.
All excuses aside the current auto off feature turns the screen off after a few seconds very consistently. Its beyond my understanding why it would not be possible to extend this timer to minutes. Just let it run by an internal timer.

Anyway I will focus on listening to music. I will not waste energy by participating on these boards anymore.

I apology if my reply make you feel offended. However as I have said, this is not as easy as you think. If we have not ever looked into this feature, I will not be able to throw out my questions in my previous post. Again, feature need to be planned carefully without adding confusion, when to start count is critical and you may have your logic in your brain, but other people may have a different way on when the device should count for time off.