Display off on a timer

Yet again I bring up a feature request regarding the automatic screen off setting. Currently both settings available are not to my liking. The automatic off setting turns off the screen way to fast while the always on function is really buggy. The latter will turn on the screen randomly unwanted when not even playing music.

Could you please implement a setting where you set a timer, I.e. after 15 minutes of inactivity? That way you can see what’s on the display while listening to music but not having a screen that turns on unwanted.


Fully agree that a display timer is required with selectable options to switch off only the display after pre-defined inactivity.

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I think I asked for this as well about a year ago.

Yes please.


This feature is currently in early planning stage, we will update once we have some idea on how to imple it.


Awesome! Thanks Xuanqian!

seems easy .if you can set it to switch off display after 6 secs any time setting should be ok. g1 aries streamer into g1 vega continues to be running smooth AES cable between seems to be better than standard co-axail … initially thought smooth was a tad better now precise is my choice of filters. sometimes have issues using usb . any ideas how to fix this with the two units I have

@Xuanqian Any update regarding the subject?

I am considering buying a G2 and there a number of things I assumed would be part of the product such as this. Its not make or break but would be nice to enjoy the screen when playing music and have it go off by itself when I’m done.