Display and noise


sometime there is a little noise(cracking, clicking, very short, but aggressive), when the display is going off (auto off).
This noise also happen randomly while playing, but very rarely. It is dirsturbing me.
That problem exists from the beginning i use that devices.

My config:

Aries G2 connected via AQ Diamond with the Vega G2.
Separate NAS
Aries G2 getting via very good(!) wlan connection music data from NAS.
Vega G2 via XLR to a preamp
PS Audio P10 (power regenerator).
The rest of my config is unimportant i think.

After thinking about it, for me it looks very much like a software/firmware/problem, but not hardware, because of it’s random appearance.

Would be great to get you aware of that to fix this.

Kind regards

PS: The type of fuses with it’s specs would be a great information that could take place in the manuals.

Is this noise coming at the beginning of a track after switch sampling rate or completely randomly?

Display auto off noise:
That noise is sometimes coming when the display light goes off. (when display is auto off)
You know the auto off time better than me. 4 Seconds after track began playing?
That happens sometimes, not allways. 15 times a week on average i would say.

Random noise:
That noise sounds the same and it seems to come randomly. (somewhere in the middle of tracks for example)
That happens rarely. 5 times a week on average i would say.

Can we also get that fuse informations for the Aries G2 and Vega G2?

So if I understand currently, the noise coming exactly at the same point that display turn off?

Fuse is 5*20mm 1A/250V slow blow.

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Dear Xuanqian.
Thank you for answering again.

Display case:
Yes, you understand right. But that noise happens not often, as described above.

The other case:
And sometimes that noise also happens randomly in the middle of tracks. (i cant see a pattern there to help you with more usefull information)

Best regards from germany


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It seems i found the problem.

As a last experiment i switched over from wlan to ethernet (via wlan-bridge, so it is still wlan, but eth input at AriesG2).
And voila… No single poppy crack or tick…So is that wlan module defect?

Now after 2 days that cracking also over lan is present…
I dont know what to do more with that aries g2.

But… After i was forced to not use the Aries G2 internal SSD Slot (not enough power for my 4 TB samsung SSD)
And now after i can not use error free the wlan option of the Aries G2 and also the eth…

I Ask myself: For what i do need the Aries G2 anymore ?
I try to plug the ethernet directly into the Vega G2 and hope all is fine. (If i use roon).

By the way roon/aries:
If i use Aries G2 with roon, the covers of some albums wont show up. Also the “time played” of that tracks(albums) arent working. Time is -1 - a title is also NOT displayed.

100% reproduceable error.

One example album for you to reproduce that error:

Joyce Didonato - Songplay
(Qobuz download flac 24/96)

That “no cover, not time, no title” in display problem only exists if aries g2 is used with roon.
With the lightning app i never had this problem.

There was an older post about that problem and you told him about that protocoll unsaved/unchecked data reasons…
Well… Very unlikely because that is 100% reproduceable…

But after writing so much about the problems i want to write also about the good things:

A) The implementation of the booklet in the lighning app is the best of all apps i saw.
Much better than the external safari link like roon is doing it. Thats really nice. Great job!

B) In the time without popping/cracking, the soundquality is really fantastic. Hard for me to imagine, that it can get even better with the leo. Absolutely fantastic.

C) Lighning app appearance feels and looks tidy and smooth. More tidy than roon.

If you can add to the lightning app in the future the information-access like roon, the lightning app would be unbeatable! Chromcast would also be nice, to show current playing title etc…

Best regards

Any news or will this be ignored forever?
I have seen now 3 systems like my own with the exact same problem of poppy crackled noise randomly appearing. It is more or less rare, i still can not see a pattern. One of that 3 systems is even with a leo.
We tried all configurations, nothing helped. This is really frustrating.