Difference between Altair G1 and Vega G1?

Also anyone used one or both of those connected directly into your amplifier (without a pre amp)? How is the sound?

I have my Vega G1 connected directly to Roksan Caspian M2 Power Amp - sound is excellent. Would have to spend a great deal more to improve on it.

I don’t own either but am somewhat confused.

The Altair G1 has the Tesla G2 chip inside but the more expensive Vega has the Tesla G1 and no wi Fi connectivity?

The Altair G1 looks to be the superior product on paper but is cheaper? What gives?

The Vega G1 is called a streaming DAC. So it should have the Auralic signature WiFi streaming capability. It also has a volume control! So besides a ear phone amplifier or a sub name of “Preamplifier”, it look like a Altaire “Plus”?

VEGA G1 sounds more like VEGA G2, it is step up from ALTAIR G1.

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